K. A. Abbas - Writer

Writer and Director. Nationality: Indian.

Ken Adam - Writer

Art Director. Nationality: British.

Richard Addinsell - Writer

Composer. Nationality: British.

(Gilbert) Adrian - Writer

Costume Designer. Nationality: American.

Age and Scarpelli - Writer

AGE. Writer.

Luis Alcoriza - Writer

Writer and Director. Nationality: Mexican.

John Alcott - Writer

Cinematographer. Nationality: British.

G. R. Aldo - Writer

Cinematographer. Nationality: Italian.

Henri Alekan - Writer

Cinematographer. Nationality: French.

Alexander Alexeieff and Claire Parker - Writer

ALEXEIEFF. Director and animator.

Dede Allen - Writer

Editor. Nationality: American.

Jay Presson Allen - Writer

Writer. Nationality: American.

Nestor Almendros - Writer

Cinematographer and Director. Nationality: Spanish.

John A. Alonzo - Writer

Cinematographer, Director and Actor. Nationality: American.

John Alton - Writer

Cinematographer. Nationality: Hungarian.

William Alwyn - Writer

Composer. Nationality: British.

Preston Ames - Writer

Art Director. Nationality: American.

Sergio Amidei - Writer

Writer. Nationality: Italian.

André Andrejew - Writer

Art Director. Nationality: Russian.

Georges Annenkov - Writer

Costume Designer. Nationality: Russian.

Malcolm Arnold - Writer

Composer. Nationality: British.

Joseph H. August - Writer

Cinematographer. Nationality: American.

Jean Aurenche and Pierre Bost - Writer


Georges Auric - Writer

Composer. Nationality: French.

Tex Avery - Writer

Animator. Nationality: American.

Burt Bacharach - Writer

Composer. Nationality: American.

Angelo Badalamenti - Writer

Composer. Nationality: American.

Rick Baker - Writer

Special Effects Makeup Artist. Nationality: American.

Barney Balaban - Writer

Theater Chain Owner, Producer. Nationality: American.

(Sir) Michael Balcon - Writer

Producer. Nationality: British.