John Fiedler Biography (1925-)

Full name, John Donald Fiedler; born February 3, 1925, in Platteville, WI; son of Donald (a beer salesman) and Margaret (maiden name, Phelan) Fiedler. Addresses: Agent: Becker London Kossow, New York, NY.

Concerning his long association with the role of Karl Lindner in the drama A Raisin in the Sun, John Fiedler told CTFT "I think I'm oneof the few actors who did the original Broadway version, movie, New York revival, and taped version for television of the same play."

Birth Details
February 3, 1925
Platteville, Wisconsin, United States

Famous Works

  • Stage Appearances
  • Student, Danny Larkin, Experimental Theatre, Lenox Hill Playhouse,New York City, 1948
  • Paw, Cock-a-Doodle Doo, Experimental Theatre, Lenox Hill Playhouse, 1948
  • Medvedenko, The Seagull, Phoenix Theatre, New York City, 1954
  • Johnny Colton Smith, Sing Me No Lullaby, Phoenix Theatre, 1954
  • Cy Milton, One Eye Closed, Bijou Theatre, New York City, 1954
  • Squeak, Billy Budd, Masquers Theatre, New York City, 1955
  • Buckley, The Terrible Swift Sword, Phoenix Theatre, 1955
  • Bill Pfeiffer, Howie, 46th Street Theatre, New York City, 1958
  • Karl Lindner, A Raisin in the Sun, Ethel Barrymore Theatre, New York City, 1959
  • Lew, Harold, Cort Theatre, New York City, 1962
  • Vinnie, The Odd Couple, Plymouth Theatre, New York City, 1965
  • Professor Willard, Our Town, American National Theatre and AcademyTheatre, New York City, 1969
  • Father Jerome, The Mind with the Dirty Man, Center Theatre Group,Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, 1972
  • Dr. Welch, Rockaway, Vineyard Theatre, New York City, 1982
  • The Raspberry Picker, American Jewish Theatre, 92nd Street YM-YWHA, New York City, 1982
  • The Crate, Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York City, 1985
  • Servingman, "The Frog Prince" in Marathon '85, Ensemble StudioTheatre, 1985
  • Karl Lindner, A Raisin in the Sun, Roundabout Theatre, New York City, then Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC, both 1986
  • Also appeared in Neptune's Hips, Ensemble Studio Theatre.
  • Major Tours
  • The Milky Way, U.S.O. tour of U.S. cities, 1949
  • Alfred, The Happy Time, U.S. cities, 1950
  • Karl Lindner, A Raisin in the Sun, U.S. cities, 1987
  • Film Appearances
  • Juror number two, Twelve Angry Men, United Artists, 1957
  • Adrian, Stage Struck, Buena Vista, 1958
  • That Kind of Woman, Paramount, 1959
  • Karl Lindner, A Raisin in the Sun, Columbia, 1961
  • Mr. Smith, That Touch of Mink, Universal, 1962
  • Reverend Carruthers, Kiss Me, Stupid, Lopert, 1964
  • Sidney, The World of Henry Orient, United Artists, 1964
  • Mr. Penchill, Girl Happy, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1965
  • Daniel K. Papp, A Fine Madness, Warner Bros., 1966
  • Mr. Morton Dunne, Fitzwilly (also known as Fitzwilly Strikes Back and A Garden of Cucumbers), United Artists, 1967
  • Simpson, The Ballad of Josie, Universal, 1968
  • Vinnie, The Odd Couple, Paramount, 1968
  • Voice of Piglet, Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day (animated),1968
  • Cy Jenkins, Rascal, Buena Vista, 1969
  • Lawyer J. Noble Daggett, True Grit, Paramount, 1969
  • Brother Dismas, The Great Bank Robbery, 1969
  • Major Purvis, Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came? (alsoknown as War Games), Cinerama, 1970
  • Ames, Making It, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1971
  • Honky, Jack H. Harris, 1971
  • Pop, The Deathmaster, American International, 1972
  • Robert Grundig, Skyjacked (also known as Sky Terror), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1972
  • Voice of Church Mouse, Robin Hood, 1973
  • Police photographer, The Fortune (also known as Spite and Malice), Columbia, 1975
  • Howie Clemmings, The Shaggy D.A., Buena Vista, 1976
  • Voice of Deacon Owl, The Rescuers (animated), Disney, 1977
  • Voice of Piglet, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, 1977
  • Bobby Taylor, "April Fools," Harper Valley, P.T.A.,, 1978
  • Mr. Thorpe, Midnight Madness, 1980
  • Desk clerk, The Cannonball Run, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1981
  • Voice of porcupine, The Fox and the Hound (animated), Buena Vista,1981
  • Barrett, Sharky's Machine, Warner Bros., 1982
  • Grocery clerk, Savannah Smiles, Gold Coast, 1983
  • Arnold, I Am the Cheese, Almi, 1983
  • Carl, Seize the Day, 1986
  • Fish seller, Weekend with Kate, 1990
  • Voice of Piglet, Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin (also known as Winnie the Pooh's Most Grand Adventure;animated), Walt Disney Home Video, 1997
  • Voice of speaking Piglet, Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving (alsoknown as Disney's Winnie the Pooh: Season of Giving; animated), Buena Vista Home Video, 1999
  • Voice of Piglet, The Tigger Movie (animated), Walt Disney Pictures, 2000
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Alfie Higgins, Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, 1951-54
  • Mr. Emil Peterson, The Bob Newhart Show, CBS, 1973-78
  • Gordon "Gordie the Ghoul" Spangler, a recurring role, Kolchak: The Night Stalker (also known as The Night Stalker), ABC, 1974-75
  • Woody Deschler, Buffalo Bill, NBC, 1983-84
  • Gilbert Lange, One Life to Live, ABC, 1987-88
  • Voice of Piglet, The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (animated),1988-
  • Voice of Piglet, "Winnie the Pooh," Disney's Gummi Bears/Winnie the Pooh Hour (animated), NBC, 1989
  • Noel, All My Children, ABC, 1996
  • Also appeared as voice of piglet, Winnie the Pooh (animated), ABC.
  • Movies
  • All the King's Men, 1958
  • Ives, Guns of Diablo, 1964
  • Sam Jeffers, A Tattered Web, CBS, 1971
  • Doctor, Columbo: Blueprint for Murder, 1972
  • Bill Wasdahl, The Mystery in Dracula's Castle, 1973
  • Jackson, Double Indemnity, ABC, 1973
  • Henry, Hitched (also known as Westward the Wagon), NBC, 1973
  • Mr. Roscoe, Bad Ronald, ABC, 1974
  • Charles Blackburn, The Whiz Kid and the Mystery at Riverton, 1974
  • PX manager, Who Is the Black Dahlia?, NBC, 1975
  • Justice of the peace, Woman of the Year, CBS, 1976
  • Specials
  • Taylor, "Who's Happy Now?," Great Performances, PBS, 1975
  • Voice of Piglet, Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too (animated), ABC, 1991
  • The stranger, Crash the Curiosaurus, ABC, 1995
  • Voice of Piglet, Boo! To You Too, Winnie-the-Pooh (animated), CBS,1996
  • Voice of Piglet, A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving (animated), ABC, 1998
  • Voice of Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, A Valentine for You (animated),ABC, 1999
  • Pilots
  • Jake, Cannon, CBS, 1971
  • Room clerk, Winner Take All, CBS, 1977
  • Lester, Human Feelings, NBC, 1978
  • Jimmy Papadopolous, Joe Dancer: The Monkey Mission (also known asThe Monkey Mission), NBC, 1981
  • Episodic
  • (Television debut) The Aldrich Family, NBC, 1949
  • Mr. Dundee, "Night of the Meek," The Twilight Zone, CBS, 1960
  • "A Wig for Miss Devore," Thriller, NBC, 1961
  • "Man Eater," Adventures in Paradise, ABC, 1961
  • Clerk, "Getting Peter's Putter," Peter Loves Mary, 1961
  • Leon Gorwald, "Incident in a Small Jail," Alfred Hitchcock Presents, CBS, 1961
  • Corporal Whistler, "I Didn't Raise My Son to be a Soldier, Sailor, orMarine," The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, 1961
  • Charley Brown, "The Fur Coat Story," Pete and Gladys, 1961
  • "A Slight Touch of Venom," Checkmate, NBC, 1961
  • "Defective Tank Adventure," The Aquanauts, 1961
  • Corporal Whistler, "The Ruptured Disk," The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, 1961
  • "A Shining Image," Dr. Kildare, NBC, 1961
  • Cheever, "I Do Not Choose to Run," The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis,1962
  • Field representative, "Cavender Is Coming," The Twilight Zone, CBS, 1962
  • Amos Duff, "The Last Remains," Alfred Hitchcock Presents, CBS, 1962
  • "Blueprint for Paradise," Alfred Hitchcock Presents, CBS, 1961
  • Malcolm Stuart, "I Saw the Whole Thing," Alfred Hitchcock Presents, CBS, 1962
  • Watson, "The Swinger," The Farmer's Daughter, ABC, 1963
  • Professor Jennings, "Man or Amoeba," My Favorite Martian, 1963
  • "Deputy for a Day," Destry, 1964
  • Sam Reed, "The End Game," The Fugitive, ABC, 1964
  • Warren Bloom, "My Fair Munster," The Munsters, 1964
  • Howard Stark, "The Case of the Tragic Trophy," Perry Mason, 1964
  • Fitch Tallman, "Hammerhead," Gunsmoke, CBS, 1964
  • Fred Johnson, "Painter, Go Home," The Donna Reed Show, 1965
  • Mr. Hengist, "Wolf in the Fold," Star Trek, NBC, 1967
  • Gunnar, "Who's Afraid of Amanda Woolf?" Captain Nice, 1967
  • Fergus F. Fingelhoff, "Nobody but a Frog Knows How to Live," Bewitched, ABC, 1967
  • Mr. Hengist, "Wolf in the Fold," Star Trek, NBC, 1967
  • Mr. Hercules, "Classification: Dead," Get Smart, 1967
  • "Suitable for Framing," I Spy, 1968
  • Mr. Beams, "Marriage Witch's Style," Bewitched, ABC, 1969
  • Bliss Jr., "Daddy Comes to Visit," Bewitched, ABC, 1969
  • Bliss Jr., "Darren the Warlock," Bewitched, ABC, 1969
  • Felix, "Age before Duty," Get Smart, 1969
  • Augustus Sunshine, "Turn on That Old Charm," Bewitched, ABC, 1970
  • Spengler, "Three Men and a Witch on a Horse," Bewitched, ABC, 1971
  • Brent, "Flight Plan," Cannon, CBS, 1971
  • Paddle, "Project Phoenix," Banacek, 1972
  • "Time Lapse," Banyon, 1973
  • Mr. Ballou, "A Quiet Day in Dodge," Gunsmoke, CBS, 1973
  • "The Devil You Say," McMillan and Wife, 1973
  • Mr. Winkler, "Mask of Death," The Streets of San Francisco, 1974
  • "The Hanging of Cyrus Pike," Dirty Sally, 1974
  • "Trial by Terror," The Manhunter, 1975
  • "The Crusaders," Mobile One, 1975
  • Norman Funk, "The Cyrogenic Man," Ark II, 1976
  • Customer, "Vera's Mortician," Alice, CBS, 1976
  • Customer, "Mel's Happy Burger," Alice, CBS, 1977
  • Morris Morris, "Jack Looks for a Job," Three's Company, 1977
  • Henderson, "Demand and Supply," Vega$, 1979
  • "For the Benefit of My Patients," Quincy, 1979
  • Fred, "The Tortelli Tort," Cheers, NBC, 1982
  • Man on boat, "Guilt Trip," Amazing Stories, NBC, 1985
  • Carl, "Seize the Day," American Playhouse, PBS, 1986
  • Karl Lindner, "A Raisin in the Sun," American Playhouse, PBS, 1989
  • Eddie, "Love Me Tender," The Golden Girls, NBC, 1989
  • Francis Pencava, "Eli's Gumming," L.A. Law, 1993
  • John, "The Cameo Episode," George & Leo, CBS, 1997
  • Randy, Cosby, CBS, 1998
  • Also appeared in The Odd Couple, ABC; The Rockford Files, NBC; Police Story, NBC; Fantasy Island, ABC; Bonanza, NBC; Chrysler Theatre, CBS; Kraft Television Theatre, NBC; Studio One, CBS; U.S. Steel Hour, CBS.

Recent Updates

June 25, 2005: Fiedler died on June 25, 2005, in Englewood, New Jersey, of cancer. He was 80. Source: New York Times,, July 2, 2005; Entertainment Weekly, July 8, 2005, p. 20.

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