Karl Struss Biography (1886-1981)

Full name, Karl Fischer Struss; born November 30, 1886, in New York, NY; diedDecember 16, 1981, in Santa Monica, CA; father an owner of a bonnet-wire factory; married Ethel Wall, 1921. Career: Cinematographer. Famous Players-Lasky, Hollywood, CA, began as still photographer, became camera operator,1919-22; cinematographer, beginning in 1922; Pictorial Photographers of America, cofounder. Still photography exhibited throughout his career, including ashow at University of Michigan. Worked in family bonnet-wire factory, 1903-14; studio photographer, New York City, 1914-17. Military service: Served 1917-19. Awards, Honors: Shared Academy Award, best cinematography(with Charles Rosher), 1927, for Sunrise; Academy Award nominations, best cinematography, 1928, for Drums of Love, 1931, for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and 1932, for The Sign of the Cross; shared Academy Award nomination, best color cinematography (with Wilfred M. Cline and WilliamE. Snyder), 1941, for Aloma of the South Seas..

Birth Details
November 30, 1886
New York, New York, United States
Death Details
December 16, 1981
Santa Monica, California, United States

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