Marco Bellocchio Biography (1939-)

Born November 9, 1939, in Piacenza, Italy. Career: Director, writer, and actor. Awards, Honors: Special Jury Prize (tied with La Chinoise); FIPRESCI Award, Venice Film Festival, 1967, both for La cina e vicina; Bronze Leopard, Locarno International Film Festival, 1976, for complete works; Silver Berlin Bear, Berlin International Film Festival, Special Jury Prize, 1991, for La Condanna; Golden Hugo nomination, Chicago International Film Festival, best film, 1997, Best Film nomination, Catalonian International Film Festival, in Sitges, Spain, and Golden Palm nomination, CannesFilm Festival, 1997, all for Il Principe di Homburg; Golden Palm nomination, Cannes Film Festival, 1999, for La Balia. Addresses: Home: Viale Angelico, 36/B, Rome, Italy.

Director, writer, actor
Birth Details
November 9, 1939
Piacenza, Italy

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