Carol Alt Biography (1960-)

Born December 1, 1960, in East Williston (some sources cite Flushing or Flushing Point), NY; daughter of Anthony (a fire chief) and Muriel (a model and airline employee) Alt; sister of Christine Alt (a model); married Ron Greschner(a professional hockey player), November 21, 1983 (divorced).

Model, actress
Birth Details
December 1, 1960
East Williston, New York, United States

Famous Works

  • Stage Appearances
  • Sweet Charity, Los Angeles, 1985
  • Film Appearances
  • Elite model, Portfolio, 1983
  • The Look, 1985
  • Margherita, Monte Napoleone (also known as Via Monte Napoleone), 1987 Marina Caracciolo, I miei primi quarant'anni (also known asMy First Forty Years and My Wonderful Life), 1987
  • Marsha Mellows, Trena di panna (also known as Cream Train and Milk Train), 1988
  • Alma Rossetti, Mortacci (also known as Death to You and The Hateful Dead), 1989
  • Marina, La piu bella del reame (also known as The Most Beautiful in the Kingdom), 1989
  • Sandra, Bye Bye Baby, Seymour Borde, 1989
  • Betta, Miliardi (also known as Billions, Millions, and Miliardi/Millions), 1991
  • Veronica Flame, Un piede in paradiso (also known as Speaking ofthe Devil), 1991
  • Christine Sanders, Beyond Justice (also known as Desert Law), Vidmark Entertainment, 1992
  • Barbara/Sally, Anni 90--Parte II, 1993
  • Tanya, Ring of Steel, Shapiro/Glickenhaus Entertainment, 1994
  • Saundra Morgan, Deadly Past, Atlantic Group Films, 1995
  • Dana Townsend, Crackerjack 2 (also known as Hostage Train),North American Releasing, 1996
  • Agent Monica McBride, The Protector (also known as Body Armor and Conway), Concorde Pictures, 1997
  • Gloria, Private Parts (also known as Howard Stern's Private Parts), Paramount, 1997
  • Grace, Storm Trooper, New City Releasing, 1998
  • Cindy Bolton, Revelation (also known as Apocalypse II: Revelation), Providence Entertainment, 1999
  • Herself, Camera (also known as Dogme #15--Camera), 2000
  • Judy, Grownups (also known as Grownups: The Movie), Bridge& Tunnel Productions, 2001
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Carol Greshner, Capitol, CBS, 1987
  • Carol H., Houston Knights, CBS, 1987
  • Kate (some sources cite Kelly) LaRew, Thunder in Paradise, syndicated, 1994
  • Karen Oldham, Amazon (also known as Peter Benchley's Amazon), syndicated, 1999
  • Walking after Midnight, 1999
  • Miniseries
  • Catherine Saunders, Il principe del deserto (also known as Maktub la legge del deserto), 1989
  • Nancy Pertinace, Vendetta: Secrets of a Mafia Bride (also known asBride of Violence, A Family Matter, A Woman of Honor, and Donna d'onore), syndicated, 1991
  • Stella, Missione d'amore (also known as Mission of Love), 1992
  • Nancy Pertinace, Vendetta II: The New Mafia (also known as Bride of Violence 2 and Donna d'onore 2), syndicated, 1993
  • Monica Marini, Sotto il cielo dell'Africa (also known as Thinking of Africa and Unter der Sonne Afrikas), 1999
  • Specials
  • Judge, From Hawaii with Love, syndicated, 1986
  • Cohost, Super Model Search: Look of the Year, ABC, 1988
  • Sports Illustrated: The Making of the Swimsuit Issue, HBO, 1989
  • The Please Watch the Jon Lovitz Special (also known as The JonLovitz Show), Fox, 1992
  • Judge, The 1993 Miss USA Pageant, CBS, 1993
  • Episodic
  • Tiger, "Plates," B. L. Stryker (also known as The ABC SaturdayMystery), ABC, 1990
  • Cassidy, "Pursuit," Baywatch Nights, syndicated, 1995
  • Tracy Hayes, "The Lyin' King," Wings, NBC, 1996
  • Voice characterization, "Peggy's Pageant Fever," King of the Hill(animated), Fox, 1998
  • Herself, The Howard Stern Show, 1999
  • Appeared as a guest commentator on other series.
  • Other
  • Rosa, Il vizio de vivere (also known as Love for Life), 1988
  • Alice, Un orso chiamato Arturo (also known as A Bear Called Arthur), 1992
  • Due vite un destino, 1992
  • Anna Capilupi, Il grande fuoco (also known as The Great Fire and Flammen der Liebe), 1995
  • Trish Gannon, Catch Me If You Can (also known as Deadly Game and Hide and Seek), Fox Family Channel, 1998
  • Radio Appearances
  • Episodic
  • Herself, The Howard Stern Show (simulcast of television show), 1999
  • Videos
  • Appeared in the music video "She Drives Me Crazy" by the Muppets. Also appeared in exercise videos and Sports Illustrated swimsuit videos.

Further Reference


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