Lina Basquette Biography (1907-1994)

Born Lena Baskette, April 19, 1907, in San Mateo, CA; died of cancer at her home in Wheeling, WV, September 30, 1994; daughter of Frank (a drugstore owner) and Gladys (Lee) Baskette; married Sam Warner (cofounder of Warner Brothers), July 4, 1925 (deceased, 1927); married J. Peverell Marley (a cinematographer), 1929 (divorced, September, 1930); married Ray Hallam (an actor), 1931 (deceased, 1931); married Theodore Hayes (a prizefight trainer), December, 1931(Hayes was already married to another woman, so the marriage was not legal),1933 (for the second time; divorced, 1935); married Henry Mollison (an actor), 1937 (marriage ended); married Warner Gilmore, 1948 (divorced, 1950); married seventh husband, 1959; children: (with Warner) Lita Warner Heller, (withHayes) Edward Alvin Hayes.

Birth Details
April 19, 1907
San Mateo, California, United States
Death Details
September 30, 1994
Wheeling, West Virginia, United States

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