Jill Perryman Biography (1933-)

Born May 30, 1933, in Melbourne, Australia; daughter of William Thomas (a singer) and Dorothy Eileen (a singer; maiden name, Duval) Perryman; married Kevan Johnston (a dancer and choreographer), September 14, 1959; children: Tod Andrew, Trudy Jane. Addresses: HOME--Four Hillside Crescent, GooseberryHill 6076, Western Australia. AGENT--c/o Shanahan Management, 129 Bourke Street, Woolomoloo 2011, New South Wales, Australia.

Favorite roles: Fanny Brice in Funny Girl; Agnes in I Do, I Do; Countess Malcolm in A Little Night Music.

Birth Details
May 30, 1933
Melbourne, Australia

Famous Works

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