Kenneth Frankel Biography (1941-1998)

Born December 10, 1941, in Cleveland, OH; died of a brain tumor, February 12,1998, in Los Angeles, CA. Director, actor.

Frankel is remembered for his work in the theater, particularly his production of Quatermaine's Terms, which earned him an Obie Award from the Village Voice. Early in his career, he was an assistant director to TyroneGuthrie. Later stints included work with the Minnesota Theatre Company and the McCarter Theatre Company as well as at the Barter Theatre. In 1975 he became a director at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut, and continued work there for the next twelve years. Later posts were at the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, with the Folger Theatre, and at the Dallas Shakespeare Festival. Although he made his Broadway debut as an actor in Dinner at Eight in 1966, it was as a stage director that he received acclaim. Among the productions he directed are Visions of Kerouac, When You Comin' Back,Red Ryder?, The Heiress, Love Letters on Blue Paper, Old Times, The Common Pursuit, What Every Woman Knows Spokesong, and In White America. He directed tours of A Christmas Carol and Macbeth, both in the United States. Frankel also directedtelevision productions, including episodes of Doogie Howser, MD and The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd.

Director, Actor
Birth Details
December 10, 1941
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Death Details
February 12, 1998
Los Angeles, California, United States

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