Sonia Braga Biography (1950?-)

Full name, Sonia Maria Campos Braga; born June 16 (some sources cite June 8),1950 (some sources cite 1951), in Maringa, Parana, Brazil; daughter of ZezeBraga (a seamstress); father, a realtor.

Birth Details
June 16, 1950?
Maringa, Parana, Brazil

Famous Works

  • Stage Appearances
  • Jorge Dandin, c. 1968
  • Hair, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1969
  • Film Appearances
  • Carolina (title role), A moreninha (also known as The Little Brunette), 1969
  • Victim, O bandido da luz vermelha (also known as The Red LightOutlaw), 1969
  • Sandra, Cleo e Daniel, 1970
  • Captain Bandeira versus Doctor Moura Brasil (also known as O Capitao Bandeira contra o Doutor Moura Brazil), 1970
  • Title role, Mestica, a escrava indomavel (also known as Mestica, the Indomitable Slave), 1972
  • Maria Lucia, O casal (also known as The Couple), 1975
  • Dona Flor, Dona Flor e sues dois maridos (also known as Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands), Gaumont/Coline, 1977
  • Solange, A dama do lotacao (also known as Lady on the Bus),1978
  • Maria, Eu te amo (also known as I Love You), 1982
  • Title role, Gabriela, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists Classics,1983
  • Leni Lamaison, Marta, and the Spider Woman, Kiss of the Spider Woman (also known as O beijo da mulher aranha), Island Alive, 1985
  • Madonna, Moon over Parador, Universal, 1988
  • Ruby Archuleta, The Milagro Beanfield War, Universal, 1988
  • Liesl, The Rookie, Warner Bros., 1990
  • Juana, Roosters, 1993
  • Ana Puscasu, Two Deaths, Castle Hill, 1996
  • Memorias postumas (also known as Posthumous Memories), Cinematografica Brasileira, 1999
  • Quixtla, From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter, DimensionFilms, 2000
  • Irine, Perfume, Lions Gate Films, 2001
  • Iris, Empire, Bigel/Mailer Films, 2001
  • Josephine Pogue, Angel Eyes, Warner Bros., 2001
  • Also appeared in The Main Road.
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • The Girl of the Blue Sailboat, 1968
  • Lidia, Irmaos coragem (also known as Brave Brothers), 1970
  • Flavia, Selva de pedra (also known as Rock Jungle), 1972
  • Vila Sesamo (Brazilian version of Sesame Street), 1972
  • Brisa, Fogo sobre terra (also known as Fire over Earth), 1974
  • Title role, Gabriela (also known as Gabriela cravo e canela), TV Globo, 1974
  • Marcina, Saramandaia, 1976
  • Cintia Levi, Espelho magico (also known as Magic Mirror), 1977
  • Julia Matos, Dancin' Days, TV Globo, 1978
  • Gelly, Chega mais (also known as Get Closer), 1980
  • Carlota Alvarez, Four Corners (also known as Homestead), CBS, 1998
  • Helena Silveira Sobral, Forca de um desejo (also known as The Power of a Wish), 1999
  • Also appeared in various serials on Brazilian television.
  • Miniseries
  • Maria Garza, Streets of Laredo (also known as Larry McMurtry'sStreets of Laredo), CBS, 1995
  • Jessica Lopez de la Cruz, A Will of Their Own, NBC, 1998
  • Movies
  • Emily, The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains, HBO, 1987
  • Loah, The Last Prostitute, Lifetime, 1991
  • Regina de Carvalho, The Burning Season (also known as The Lifeand Death of Chico Mendes), HBO, 1994
  • Tieta, Tieta do Agreste (also known as Tieta and Tieta of Agreste), 1996
  • Irene, Money Plays, The Movie Channel, 1997
  • Lily, The Judge (also known as Steve Martini's The Judge),NBC, 2001
  • Television Work
  • Movies
  • Producer (with others), Tieta do Agreste (also known as Tieta and Tieta of Agreste), 1996
  • Television Appearances
  • Specials
  • Women of the World, 1986
  • "Concert of the Americas," Kennedy Center Presents, PBS, 1994
  • Episodic
  • Princess, Gardin encatado (also known as The Enchanted Garden), [Brazil], c. 1964
  • Anna Maria Westlake, "The Dragon Lady," The Cosby Show, NBC, 1986
  • Anna Maria Westlake, "Mrs. Westlake," The Cosby Show, NBC, 1986
  • Sophie, "This'll Kill Ya," Tales from the Crypt, HBO, 1992
  • Beatrice Valdez, "Echoes," Family Law, CBS, 2000
  • Maria, "Defining Moments," Sex and the City, HBO, 2001
  • Maria, "Ghost Town," Sex and the City, HBO, 2001
  • Maria, "What's Sex Got to Do with It?" Sex and the City, HBO, 2001

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