Spike Milligan Biography (1918-)

Full name, Terence Alan Milligan; born April 16, 1918, in Ahmed Nagar, India;son of Leo Alphonso (a British army officer) and Florence Mary Winifred (maiden name, Kettleband) Milligan; married June Marlow, 1952 (divorced, 1960); married Margaret Patricia Ridgeway (an actress), 1962 (died, 1978; some sources say marriage ended, 1976); married Shelagh Sinclair, 1983; children: (firstmarriage) Laura, Sean, Sile; (second marriage) Jane; (from other relationships) Romany (daughter), James. Addresses: Office: Spike Milligan Productions, 9 Orme Ct., London W.2, England.

Actor, director, writer, composer
Birth Details
April 16, 1918
Ahmed Nagar, India

Famous Works

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