Dorothy Loudon Biography (1933-)

Born September 17, 1933, in Boston, MA; daughter of James E. (an advertisingmanager for a machine company) and Dorothy Helen (a sheet music demonstratorat Filene's department store; maiden name, Shaw) Loudon; married Norman Paris(a composer, music arranger, and conductor), December 18, 1971 (died, 1977).Addresses: AGENT--Lionel Larner, Ltd., 850 Seventh Avenue, New York,NY 10019.

Dorothy Loudon can be heard singing the best songs of the great masters of theatre music on the series of Ben Bagley "Revisited" albums, many conducted byher late husband, Norman Paris.

She told CTFT: "I'm happiest when I'm onstage. I think that's probably why most people act: it's because they get to be somebody else. I find a strength onstage that I don't have offstage. It's when I have my confidence."

Birth Details
September 17, 1933
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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Recent Updates

November 15, 2003: Loudon died on November 15, 2003, in New York, NewYork, of uterine cancer. She was 70. Source: E! Online,, November 17, 2003; New York Times, November 16, 2003, p. A43; People, December 1, 2003, p. 177.

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