Jim Norton Biography (1938-)

Born January 4, 1938, in Dublin, Ireland. Addresses: Agent: Paradigm,360 N. Crescent Dr., North Building, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Birth Details
January 4, 1938
Dublin, Ireland

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Matthius and chauffeur, The Face of Fu Manchu, (also known as Ich, Dr. Fu Man Chu and The Mask of Fu Manchu), 1965
  • Thanet, Alfred the Great, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1969
  • Cawsey, Straw Dogs, Cinerama, 1971
  • Pongo, Adolf Hitler--My Part in His Downfall, 1972
  • Brodie, Hidden Agenda, Hemdale, 1990
  • Superintendent O'Mara, Into the West, Miramax, 1992
  • Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend, 1992
  • Dr. Bernard Wachs, Memoirs of an Invisible Man (also known as Les aventures d'un homme invisible), Warner Bros., 1992
  • Sam Magee, the preacher, Sunset Heights, 1997
  • Randy, American History X, New Line Cinema, 1998
  • Reverend Fischer, A Love Divided, Cinema Guild, 1999
  • Brother Xavier, Mad about Mambo, USA Films, 1999
  • A, Rough for Theatre II, 2000
  • Patrick Cassidy, On the Nose, Capitol Films, 2001
  • Father Moran, Boxed, 2002
  • Mr. Mason, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Warner Bros.,2002
  • Bishop Michael Quinn, Conspiracy of Silence, 2003
  • Mumbles, The Oyster Farmer, Beyond Films International, 2004
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Michael Twomey, Nanny, BBC, 1982-83
  • The shopkeeper and the gardener, Wonders in Letterland, 1985
  • Ronan Corcoran, Proof (also known as Beviset), BBC and TV 2Danmark, 2004
  • Miniseries
  • Kerensky, Fall of the Eagles, BBC, 1974
  • Luigi Pirandello, The Modern World: Ten Great Writers, 1988
  • Dr. Billy Royal, Cruel Doubt, NBC, 1992
  • Taoiseach, No Tears, 2002
  • Voice of Major Thomas Kennet, Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka, BBC, 2003
  • Movies
  • The man, Screamer (also known as Thriller: Screamer), ATV and ABC, 1975
  • Jasper Tooms, Cry of the Innocent, NBC, 1980
  • Roy Medvedev, Sakharov, HBO, 1984
  • Bernard McAuley, The Temptation of Eileen Hughes, 1988
  • Midnight's Child, Lifetime, 1992
  • Ryan Slocum, the preacher, Rebus: Black and Blue, ITV, 2000, BBC America, 2003
  • Coroner, The Hound of the Baskervilles, BBC, 2002
  • Specials
  • Rodney Peters, Rodney, Our Intrepid Hero, BBC, 1966
  • Episodic
  • Smokey Haines, "Outcast," Hunter's Walk, ATV, 1973
  • Eddy Linden, "The Rainbow Ends Here," Van der Valk, ITV, 1973
  • Captain James Porteous, "Ace in the Hole," Colditz, BBC, 1974
  • Captain James Porteous, "Very Important Person," Colditz, BBC, 1975
  • The man, "Screamer," Thriller, ATV, 1975
  • Best, "Gilt Edged," The Venturers, BBC, 1975
  • Phil Harrister, "Contact Breaker," The Sweeney, ITV, 1975
  • Hanson, "Enemy," Van der Valk, ITV, 1977
  • Arthur Haynes, "Ordeal by Small Brown Envelope," 1990, BBC, 1978
  • Jimmy, "The Clergy," Two's Company, ITV, 1979
  • "The Unmarried Wife's Tale," Can We Get On Now, Please?, ITV, 1980
  • O'Brady, "National Pelmet," Minder, ITV, 1980
  • Cathal Slattery, "Tom Thumb and Other Stories," Strangers, ITV, 1980
  • F.I.G. Newton, "Rumpole and the Last Resort," Rumpole of the Bailey, ITV and PBS, 1983
  • Dr. Mellish, "The Last of the Midnight Gardeners," Tales of the Unexpected, syndicated and ITV, 1984
  • H.A.K. Bates, "The Reconciliation," Tales of the Unexpected, syndicated and ITV, 1984
  • Standing, "The Baited Trap," Mr. Palfrey of Westminster, Thames, 1985
  • "The Good Human Bar," L.A. Law, NBC, 1990
  • Albert Einstein, "The Nth Degree," Star Trek: The Next Generation,syndicated, 1991
  • Roger Havering, "The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge," Poirot, ITV, 1991
  • Sean Quinn, "The Sisters of Achill," Star Lucky, YTV, 1991
  • Henderson, "A Diminished Rebecca with a Suspended Cliff," Cheers,NBC, 1992
  • Dr. Bresselles, "Maigret Goes to School," Maigret, NBC, 1992
  • Father Xavier, "Irish Stew," Lovejoy, Arts and Entertainment, 1993
  • Albert Einstein, "Descent: Part 1," Star Trek: The Next Generation, syndicated, 1993
  • Ombuds Wellington, "Quality of Mercy," Babylon 5, TNT, 1994
  • Ombuds Wellington, "Grail," Babylon 5, TNT, 1994
  • Dr. Lazarenn, "Confessions and Lamentations," Babylon 5, TNT, 1995
  • Wentworth, "The Club," Frasier, NBC, 1995
  • Bishop Len Brennan, "The Passion of St Tibulus," Father Ted, Channel 4 and BBC America, 1995
  • Narn Image, "Dust to Dust," Babylon 5, TNT, 1996
  • Bishop Len Brenne, "The Plague," Father Ted, Channel 4 and BBC America, 1996
  • Owens, "Old Times, New Crimes," Wycliffe, ITV, 1997
  • Tom Harnett, "A Cluster of Betrayals," The Ambassador, 1998
  • Father Matthew Corlon, "Body and Soul," Peak Practice, ITV, 1998
  • Bishop Len Brennan, "Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse," Father Ted, Channel 4 and BBC America, 1998
  • Dermot, "Births, Deaths and Marriages," Ballykissangel, BBC1, 1998
  • Dermot, "It's a Man's Life," Ballykissangel, BBC1, 1998
  • Ryan Slocum, "Black and Blue," Rebus, 2000
  • Voice of Major Thomas Kennet, "Scream of the Shalka," Doctor Who,2003
  • Rory, "Beggars and Choosers," The Royal, ITV, 2004
  • Stage Appearances
  • Bread Man, Dublin, Ireland, c. 1990
  • Jack Mullen, The Weir, Royal Court Theater Downstairs at Duke of York's Theater, London, 1997, then Royal Court Theater Upstairs at Duke of York's Theater, London, 1998
  • Captain Jack Boyle, Juno and the Paycock, Gramercy Theatre, New York City, 2000
  • Robbie, Closing Time, National Theater/Lyttleton Theater Loft, London, 2002
  • John, Dublin Carol, Atlantic Theater Co., New York City, 2003
  • Also appeared in Hamlet; Playboy of the Western World; St. Joan; Comedians; Mandragola; Emigres; Way Upstream; The Changing Room, West End production; Bedroom Farce, West End production; A Chorus of Disapproval.
  • Taped Readings
  • (With Marcella Riordan) Ulysses, 1995
  • The Life and Works of William Butler Yeats, Naxos Audiobooks, 2002

Further Reference


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