Judy Kinberg Biography (1948-)

Born September 15, 1948, in Freeport, NY; daughter of Jack and Rose (Schwartz) Kinberg. Addresses: OFFICE--c/o Dance in America, WNET, 356 W. 58thStreet, New York, NY 10019.

Judy Kinberg explained to John Gruen in the New York Times (April 23, 1989),"One of the founding precepts of Dance in America was that it would be a collaborative effort between the choreographer and the television team. This means that we would not violate the choreographer's intention and that his or herinvolvement would be an essential aspect of filming. Not only would the choreographer's presence and input be vital during taping but he'd be called backduring editing, perhaps the most crucial factor of any dance show." She continued, "... dance on television can do things that can't be done in a theatre--close-ups for example, which provide a new focus and place the viewer in the midst of a dance. And we can give audiences supportive information, througharchival material and interviews with the choreographers."

Birth Details
September 15, 1948
Freeport, New York, United States

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