Arnaud d'Usseau Biography (1916-1990)

Born April 18, 1916, in Los Angeles, CA; died of stomach cancer, January 29,1990, in New York, NY; son of Leon (a film director and producer) and Ottola(an actress; maiden name, Nesmith) d'Usseau; married Susan Wells (an artist;died 1973); married Marie Christine; children: (second marriage) one son, onedaughter.

Birth Details
April 18, 1916
Los Angeles, California, United States
Death Details
January 29, 1990
New York, New York, United States

Famous Works

  • Writings;PLAYS
  • (With James Gow) Tomorrow the World, produced on Broadway, 1943.
  • (With Gow) Deep Are the Roots, produced in New York City, 1945.
  • (With Gow) Legend of Sarah, produced in New York City, 1950.
  • (With Dorothy Parker) Ladies of the Corridor, produced on Broadway, 1953.
  • Also author of Bledsoe and, with Gow, How Like an Angel.
  • Writings;SCREENPLAYS
  • (With Richard Collins) One Crowded Night, RKO, 1940.
  • (With Collins) Lady Scarface, RKO, 1941.
  • (With Gow) Repent at Leisure, RKO, 1941.
  • Just off Broadway, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1942.
  • The Man Who Wouldn't Die, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1942.
  • Who Is Hope Schuyler?, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1942.
  • (With Julian Halvey) Horror Express (also known as Panico en el Transiberiano and Panic on the Trans-Siberian Express), Benmar Scotia, 1972.
  • Psychomania (also known as The Death Wheelers), Scotia International, 1974.
  • Other Works
  • Adaptations: Tomorrow the World was adapted for film by Ring Lardner, Jr., and Leopold Atlas, United Artists, 1944.

Further Reference


  • Hollywood Reporter, February 1, 1990.

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