Dana Andrews Biography (1909-1992)

Full name, Carver Dana Andrews (one source says Carver Daniel Andrews); bornJanuary 1, 1909, in Collins, MS; died December 17, 1992, in Los Alamitos, CA.Actor. Andrews became a leading man in Hollywood during World War II. He briefly worked as an accountant before moving to Los Angeles to study acting in1931. After signing a contract with Samuel Goldwyn studios in 1938, Andrews landed his first starring role in the 1943 film The Purple Heart. He isbest known for portraying an obsessed detective in Laura and a disillusioned war veteran in the Oscar-winning The Best Years of Our Lives.His lead roles diminished in the 1950s and 1960s, and he made several films in Britain and Italy, as well as the United States. Andrews, whose career washindered by a drinking problem, later became a spokesperson for the NationalCouncil on Alcoholism. Andrews also appeared in The Ox-Bow Incident, A Walk in the Sun, and Boomerang, among other films.

Birth Details
January 1, 1909
Collins, Mississippi, United States
Death Details
December 17, 1992
Los Alamitos, California, United States

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