Sally Dixon Wiener Biography (1926-)

Addresses: Agent: c/o Robert Freedman, Brandt and Brandt Dramatic Department, 1501 Broadway, New York, NY, 10036.

"Harold Prince, the producer, has said that casting is 90% of direction, andI suppose 99% of playwrighting is sweat. It's the 1%, when a character takes over the typewriter, that's the joy. Putting Act I, Scene 1, Page 1 on a piece of paper is giving over a period of your life, all too voluntarily,to discouragement and loneliness, and, usually, with no promise of it becoming a reality on stage. If and when it does, there is another kind of joy--thecollaborative process during which, suddenly, it is no longer your baby. Itis a child who has learned to walk. And even though the monetary rewards are,for the most part, few and far between, for the average playwright, one feels in good company."

writer, composer, lyricist

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