Tom Shales Biography (1948-)

Full name, Thomas William Shales; born November 3, 1948, in Elgin, IL; son ofClyde LeRoy and Hulda Louise (Reko) Shales. Addresses: Home--Arlington, VA.; Office--Washington Post Co., 1150 15th St. N.W., Washington, DC 20071-0002.

Birth Details
November 3, 1948
Elgin, Illinois, United States

Famous Works

  • Credits; Television Appearances; Specials
  • The 45th Alfred I. Dupont--Columbia University Awards, PBS, 1987.
  • Our Neighbor, Fred Rogers (special), PBS, 1990.
  • This Is MST3K (special), Comedy Central, 1992.
  • Public Television--Public Debate with Charlie Rose (special), PBS, 1992.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Episodic
  • Interviewee, "Larry King," Biography, Arts and Entertainment, 1995.
  • Interviewee, "Who's Afraid of Rupert Murdoch?," Frontline, PBS, 1995.
  • Writings;(With Kevin Brownlow and others) The American Film Heritage
  • Impressions from the American Film Institute Archives, Acropolis Books, 1972.
  • On the Air!, Summit Books, 1982.
  • Legends: Remembering America's Greatest Stars, Random House, 1989.

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