Ray Milland Biography (1905-1986)

Full name Reginald Truscott-Jones; born January 3, 1905, in Neath Glamorganshire, Wales; died of cancer in Torrance, CA, March 10, 1986; married Muriel (Mar) Weber (a showgirl) 1932; children: one son (died, 1981).

CTFT learned from the obituary published in Variety Wednesday, March 12, 1986, that Ray Milland was an excellent marksman. He did some "trick shooting" for the 1929 film The Informer after the original marksman was killed in an accident. He then changed his name from Spike Milland to Raymond Milland and pursued his acting career. He later reflected, "I didn't choose acting, it choseme. I just fell into it--a matter of being in the right place at the wrong time."

Birth Details
January 3, 1905
Neath Glamorganshire, Wales
Death Details
May 10, 1986
Torrance, California, United States

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