Gregg Toland Biography (1904-1948)

Born May 29, 1904, in Charleston, IL; died of a heart attack, September 28, 1948, in West Hollywood, CA; son of Frank and Genieve (Turman) Toland; marriedHelen Barclay (some sources cite Helene Haskin), 1934 (marriage ended, 1945); married Virginia Thorpe (an actress), 1945; children: (first marriage) Lothian (daughter). Career: Cinematographer. William Fox Studio, began asmessenger, became camera assistant; Goldwyn Studio, cinematographer, beginning in 1926. Military service: U.S. Naval Reserve, active duty as photographer and camera designer for Photographic Unit and Office of Strategic Services, 1941-45; became lieutenant. Awards, Honors: Academy Award nominations, best cinematography, 1934, for Les Miserables, 1937, for Dead End, and 1939, for Intermezzo; Academy Award, best cinematography, 1939, for Wuthering Heights; Academy Award nominations, best cinematography, 1940, for The Long Voyage Home, and 1941, for Citizen Kane; Academy Award, best cinematography, 1943, for December 7th..

Birth Details
May 29, 1904
Charleston, Illinois, United States
Death Details
September 28, 1948
West Hollywood, California, United States

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