William F Brown Biography (1928-)

Addresses: Agent: c/o Charles Hunt, Fifi Oscard Associates, 19 W. 44thStreet, New York, NY, 10036.

"The turning point came in 1961, when I decided to quit my full-time job in an advertising agency and see if I could make it as a free-lance writer. Thatfirst year, 1962, I wrote everything I could ... a book, night club acts, television, magazine articles, cabaret, the works. And the works worked. Year two I began writing my first play, The Girl in the Freudian Slip, and after many rejections and many rewrites, it found a producer (Wally Perner andMike Ellis) and eventually, after a successful tour, found its way to Broadway. Nothing will ever be such a kick as that first opening night in the Big Apple, not even the success, eight years later, of The Wiz. (Although itsure makes a big difference whether a show runs four performances or four years). But no matter what it is, theatre, television industrial shows, writingis a joy. Mostly, I feel lucky I'm doing what I want to do and am fairlysuccessful at it. I have a wonderful wife who also writes, Tina Tippit; twogreat children; and if I could ask for more, it would be a little extra timeoff to get my golf game in shape."

Birth Details
April 16, 1928
Jersey City, New Jersey

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