Elmore Leonard Biography (1925-)

Full name, Elmore John Leonard, Jr.; born October 11 (some sources cite October 29), 1925, in New Orleans, LA; raised in Detroit, MI; son of Elmore John (in sales) and Flora Amelia (maiden name, Rive) Leonard; married Beverly Claire Cline, July (some sources cite August) 30, 1949 (divorced, May 24, 1977); married Joan Shephard (some sources cite the name Joan Leanne Lancaster), September 15, 1979 (died, January 13, 1993); married Christine Kent, August 19, 1993; children: (first marriage) Jane Elmore Jones, Peter, Christopher, William, Katherine Elmore Dudley. Addresses: Agent: Andrew Wiley, Andrew Wiley Agency, 250 West 57th St., Suite 2114, New York, NY 10107.; Manager: Michael Siegel and Associates, 8830 West Third St., Los Angeles, CA 90048 (some sources cite 11532 Thurston Circle, Los Angeles, CA 90049).

Writer, producer
Birth Details
October 11, 1925
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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