Helen Duberstein Biography (1926-)

Born June 3, 1926, in New York, NY; daughter of Jacob M. (a businessman) andBeatrice Duberstein; married Victor Lipton (a writer), April 10, 1949; children: Jackie Frances, Irene Judith. Addresses: AGENT--Helmut Meyer, 330E. 79th Street, New York, NY 10021.

Birth Details
June 3, 1926
New York, New York, United States

Famous Works

  • Playwright, Circle Theatre Repertory Company, New York City, 1968- 72 andWoodstock, NY, 1972.
  • adjunct community advisor, University of Boston, 1972.
  • adjunct community advisor, University of Michigan, 1972.
  • artistic director, Theatre for the New City, New York City, 1974- 79.
  • playwright in residence, University of Hartford, CT, 1977-78.
  • playwright in residence, Interlochen Academy of the Arts, 1979.
  • creative writing teacher, P.S. 97, Queens, NY, 1981.
  • president, Playwrights Group, Inc.
  • Street Scene, Chelsea Theatre Center and Heritage Theatre.
  • The Kingdom by the Sea, Provincetown Playhouse, Circle in the Square, andCubiculo, New York City.
  • The Affair, Circle Repertory Company at Westbeth Theatre, New York City and Old Reliable Theatre.
  • Five Thousand Feet, Westbeth Theatre Cabaret, New York City.
  • A Visit from Grandma, Dove Theatre Company.
  • Love/Hate, Omni Theatre Club, New York City.
  • Your Unhappiness with Me Is of No Concern to Readers, Omni Theatre Club and ASTA Theatre.
  • The Visit, Assembly Theatre and Westbeth Theatre, New York City.
  • Time Shadows, Circle Repertory Theatre and Roudabout Theatre, New York City.
  • The Monkey of the Inkpot, Actors Experimental Unit with Playwrights Cooperative.
  • Copout!, New York Theatre Ensemble, New York City and University of Hartford, CT.
  • The Play Within, New York Theatre Ensemble, New York City.
  • When I Died My Hair in Venice, Circle Theatre Company, New York City.
  • Foggia, Theatre-in-Zimmer, Hamburg, Germany.
  • The Brain, Open Space Theatre and Playwrights Group Theatre, New York City.
  • The Puppeteers, Uptaught Theatre.
  • Under the Bridge There Is a Lonely Spot with Gregory Peck, Plaza Theatreat Lincoln Center and Theatre for the New City, New York City.
  • Four Corners, Quaigh Theatre and Circle Theatre Repertory Company, New York City.
  • We Never Thought a Wedding, Theatre for the New City, New York City.
  • The Broken Lease.
  • PLAYS,PUBLISHEDPlays have been published in Dramatica, Janus, and Quixotemagazines.
  • Writings;POEMS
  • Arrive Safely, Changes, The Voyage Out, Succubus/Incubus, The Human Dimension.
  • Her poetry has also appeared in The Living Underground, City College Annual Poetry Awards, Provincetown Poets, Confrontation, The Village Voice, The Outsider, Liberation.
  • Writings;FICTION
  • Has written for Semiotext, Catalyst 87, New Letters, for Now, Jewish Dialogue, Confrontation, Shantih, Ingenue.

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