William Daniels Biography (1927-)

Full name, William David Daniels; born March 31, 1927, in Brooklyn, NY; son of David (a builder) and Irene Daniels; married Bonnie Bartlett (an actress),June 30, 1951; children: Michael, Robert. Addresses: Agent: c/o Gold Liedtke, 3500 West Olive, #400, Burbank, CA 91602; Artists Agency, 10000 SantaMonica Blvd., Suite 305, Los Angeles, CA 90067-7007.; Contact: c/o 12805 Hortense St., Studio City, CA 91604.

Actor, director
Birth Details
March 31, 1927
Brooklyn, New York, United States

Famous Works

  • Stage Appearances
  • (Stage debut) John and Clarence, Life with Father, Empire Theatre,New York City, 1939
  • Richard the Second, City Center Theatre, New York City, 1951
  • Sub Lieutenant Granger, R.N., Seagulls over Sorento, John Golden Theatre, New York City, 1952
  • The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg, Forest Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, 1953
  • The Man Who Had All the Luck, John Drew Theatre, East Hampton, NY,1954
  • Ladies in Retirement, John Drew Theatre, 1954
  • Don Parritt, The Iceman Cometh, Circle in the Square, New York City, 1956
  • Jimmy Porter, Look Back in Anger, 41st Street Theatre, New York City, 1958
  • Cooper, The Legend of Lizzie, 54th Street Theatre, New York City,1959
  • Peter, The Zoo Story, Provincetown Playhouse, New York City, 1960
  • Albert Amundsen, A Thousand Clowns, Eugene O'Neill Theatre, New York City, 1962
  • Dr. Evans, Dear Me, the Sky Is Falling, Music Box Theatre, New York City, 1963
  • Dale Harding, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, Cort Theatre, New York City, 1963
  • Warren Smith, On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever, Mark HellingerTheatre, New York City, 1965
  • Joseph, Daphne in Cottage D, Longacre Theatre, New York City, 1967
  • John Adams, 1776, 46th Street Theatre, New York City, 1969
  • Fredrik Egerman, A Little Night Music, Shubert Theatre, New York City, 1973
  • Also performer with "The Daniels Family," New York, NY, during 1930s.
  • Major Tours
  • Brick, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, U.S. cities, 1957-1958
  • The Zoo Story, I Am a Camera, and Suddenly Last Summer, South America, 1961
  • Stage Work
  • Assistant director, Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad, Phoenix Theatre, New York City, 1962
  • Film Appearances
  • Mr. Clakins, Ladybug, Ladybug, Francis/United Artists, 1963
  • Albert Amundson, A Thousand Clowns, United Artists, 1965
  • Mr. Braddock, The Graduate, Lawrence Turman/Embassy Pictures, 1967
  • Wynn Quantrill, The President's Analyst, Panpiper/Paramount, 1967
  • Howard Manchester, Two for the Road, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1967
  • Mr. Crowell, Marlowe, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1969
  • John Adams, 1776, Columbia, 1972
  • Austin Tucker, The Parallax View, Paramount, 1974
  • Alan Pugh, Black Sunday, Paramount, 1977
  • George Summers, Oh, God!, Warner Bros., 1977
  • Mr. Crawford, The One and Only, First Artists/Paramount, 1978
  • Crawford, Sunburn, Tuesday/Paramount, 1979
  • Arthur LeStrange, The Blue Lagoon, Columbia, 1980
  • Julius Gerber, Reds, Paramount, 1981
  • Richard H. Copleston, All Night Long, Universal, 1981
  • Judge Harold Bedford, Blind Date (also known as Blake Edwards'Blind Date), TriStar, 1987
  • Sam, Her Alibi, Warner Bros., 1989
  • Manny, Magic Kid II, PM Entertainment Group, Inc., 1994
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Carter Nash (Captain Nice), Captain Nice, NBC, 1967
  • Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Kitteridge, The Nancy Walker Show, ABC, 1976-1977
  • District Attorney Walter W. Cruikshank, Freebie and the Bean, CBS,1980-1981
  • Ted Benjamin, Private Benjamin, CBS, 1981-1983
  • Dr. Mark Craig, St. Elsewhere, NBC, 1982-1988
  • Voice of K.I.T.T. (the car), Knight Rider, NBC, 1982-1986
  • George Feeny, Boy Meets World, ABC, 1994-2000
  • Movies
  • Leonard Alexander, A Case of Rape, NBC, 1974
  • Matt Hodges, Sarah T.--Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic, NBC, 1975
  • Bissell, Francis Gary Powers: The True Story of the U-2 Spy Incident, NBC, 1976
  • Marshall Snowden, Killer on Board, NBC, 1977
  • Dr. Bonifant, The Return of the Incredible Hulk (also known as The Incredible Hulk: Death in the Family), CBS, 1977
  • Father Veller, Sergeant Matlovich vs. The U.S. Air Force, NBC, 1978
  • Devlin, The Chinese Typewriter, 1979
  • Freeman Stribling, City in Fear, ABC, 1980
  • Bishop Koeckmann, Damien: The Leper Priest (also known as Father Damien: The Leper Priest), NBC, 1980
  • Norman, Conquest of Earth (also known as Galactica III: Conquest of Earth), 1980
  • Henry Burns, The Million Dollar Face (also known as Kiss of Gold), NBC, 1981
  • Walter Lamb, Rehearsal for Murder, CBS, 1982
  • Draper Wright, Drop-Out Father, CBS, 1982
  • Voice of K.I.T.T., Knight Rider (also known as Knight Rider: Knight of the Phoenix), 1982
  • Mr. Haywood Dutton, The Little Match Girl, NBC, 1987
  • David Slaney, Howard Beach: Making the Case for Murder (also knownas In the Line of Duty: Howard Beach, Making a Case for Murder and Skin), 1989
  • John Nicks, On Thin Ice: The Tai Babilonia Story, 1990
  • Voice of K.I.T.T., Knight Rider 2000, syndicated, 1991
  • Judge Julius Burns, Back to the Streets of San Francisco, NBC, 1992
  • Reverend Hutchinson, The Lottery, NBC, 1996
  • Miniseries
  • John Quincy Adams (age 50-81), The Adams Chronicles, PBS, 1976
  • Samuel Adams, The Bastard (also known as Kent Family Chronicles), ABC, 1978
  • G. Gordon Liddy, Blind Ambition (also known as The John Dean Story), CBS, 1979
  • John Adams, The Rebels, ABC, 1979
  • Pilots
  • The Good Guys, 1968
  • Roger Bates, Murdock's Gang, CBS, 1973
  • Elliot Borden, The Fabulous Dr. Fable, ABC, 1973
  • Dr. Morseby, One of Our Own, NBC, 1975
  • Clifford Bean, Instant Family, NBC, 1977
  • Lawrence Stepwell III, Big Bob Johnson and His Fantastic Speed Circus, NBC, 1978
  • C. Donald Devlin, Boston and Kilbride, CBS, 1979
  • Frederick Carswell, The Wonderful World of Philip Malley, CBS, 1981
  • Warren Berlinger, Nuts and Bolts, ABC, 1981
  • Dr. DeVega, Rooster, ABC, 1982
  • Dr. Mark Craig, St. Elsewhere, NBC, 1982
  • Voice of K.I.T.T., All That Glitters, NBC, 1984
  • Specials
  • That Was the Year That Was, NBC, 1976
  • Major Reno, The Court-Martial of George Armstrong Custer, NBC, 1977
  • The Night of 100 Stars II, ABC, 1985
  • Narrator, The Princess Who Had Never Laughed, Showtime, 1986
  • Detective Lieutenant Fine, Clara, Arts and Entertainment, 1991
  • Voice, The American Revolution (documentary), Arts and Entertainment, 1994
  • Hollywood Unites: An E! News Special, E! Entertainment Television,2001
  • Himself, NBC 75th Anniversary Special (also known as NBC 75th Anniversary Celebration), NBC, 2002
  • Episodic
  • The Somerset Maugham Theatre, ABC, 1952
  • Mr. Costigan, "I before E Except after C," East Side/West Side, CBS, 1963
  • Profiles in Courage, NBC, 1965
  • "A Couple of Dozen Tiny Pills," The Nurses, CBS, 1965
  • Tony Webb, "The Ring of Anasis," T.H.E. Cat, 1966
  • Blair Thompson, "Mister Perfect," The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, 1968
  • "Epitaph on a Computer Card," Judd for the Defense, 1969
  • The Ed Sullivan Show, 1970
  • Dale Corey, "Hear No Evil," Cannon, 1972
  • "Love and the Old Lover," Love, American Style, 1973
  • Stillwell, the bank manager, "All Honorable Men," Ironside, 1973
  • Clayton Gillis, "Butch Cassidy Rides Again," McCloud, 1973
  • Lieutenant Jack Matteo, "The Vampire," Kolchak: The Night Stalker,1974
  • Boyle, "Irish Luck," Barbary Coast, 1975
  • "Wasteland," Medical Story, 1975
  • Edgar T. Vickers, Jr., "Fathers and Sons and Mothers," The Bob NewhartShow, 1975
  • "The Day New York Turned Blue," McCloud, 1976
  • Thomas Caine, "The Italian Bird Fiasco," The Rockford Files, 1976
  • "Point of Law," McMillan and Wife, 1976
  • Gary Bevins, "So Help Me God," The Rockford Files, 1976
  • Paul Reardon, "A Star Is Dead," Quincy, 1976
  • Heinrich Himmel, "Episode 16," Soap, 1978
  • Snobby professor, "Counterpoint," Family, 1978
  • Charlie Trusdale, "Dark Angel," Quincy, 1979
  • Sebastian Parnell, the Celestial Messenger, "Heaven on Earth," ComedyTheatre, NBC, 1979
  • Charles Volmer, "Last Rights," Quincy, 1980
  • Norman, "The Night the Cylons Landed," Galactica 1980, 1980
  • "Second Sight," Trapper John, M.D., 1981
  • Simon Richardson, "Hartless Hobby," Hart to Hart, 1982
  • Voice of K.I.T.T., "Knight Rider 2000," Knight Rider, 1991
  • Judge Julius Burns, "Back to the Streets of San Francisco," The Streets of San Francisco, 1992
  • Mr. Kaplan, "Family Outing," Nurses, NBC, 1993
  • Voice of Knight Boat, "And Maggie Makes Three," The Simpsons (animated), Fox, 1995
  • Whit Russell, "Birthmarks," Touched by An Angel, CBS, 1996
  • Mr. Feeney, "Acting Out," Maybe This Time, ABC, 1996
  • Voice of Knight Industries 2000 (K.I.T.T.), "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace," The Simpsons (animated), Fox, 1998
  • Dr. Douglas, "My Sacrificial Clam," Scrubs, NBC, 2002
  • Also appeared in Deja View; The Defenders, CBS; For thePeople, CBS; and Naked City, ABC.
  • Television Director
  • Episodic
  • "The Children's Hour," St. Elsewhere, NBC, 1984

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