Deacon Jones Biography (1938-)

Real name, David Jones; born December 9, 1938, in Eatonville, FL; married Elizabeth. Career: Actor, singer, and professional football player. Los Angeles Rams, football player, 1961-72, then San Diego Chargers, 1972-74, thenWashington Redskins, 1974; XTRA Sports Radio, Los Angeles, CA, host; The Deacon Jones Foundation, founder; also worked in marketing, corporate imaging, and public relations. Military service: Served in the military, 1957-58. Awards, Honors: All-Pro, National Football League, 1965-70; George Halas Trophy, National Football League, defensive player of the year, 1967-68;Pro Football Hall of Fame, inductee. Addresses: Contact: Deacon JonesFoundation, PMB 186, 446 S. Anaheim Hills Rd., Anaheim Hills, CA 92807.

Actor, singer, football player
Birth Details
December 9, 1938
Eatonville, Florida, United States

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