Mel Harris Biography (1957-)

Full name, Mary Ellen Harris; born July 12, 1957, in Bethlehem, PA; daughterof Warren (a university football coach) and Mary Michael "Mike" (a high school science teacher) Harris; married David Silbergeld, 1978 (divorced); marriedBrian Kilclinic, June 14, 1980 (divorced); married David Hume Kennerly (a photographer), 1983 (divorced, 1988); married Cotter Smith (an actor), 1988 (divorced); married Michael Toomey (an investment banker), 2001; children: (third marriage) Byron Kennerly; (fourth marriage) Madeline Michael Smith.

Birth Details
July 12, 1957
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States

Famous Works

  • Stage Appearances
  • Carol Shartel, Empty Hearts, Circle Repertory Company, New York City, 1992
  • American Appetites, 2000
  • Also appeared in productions of Barefoot in the Park, Guys andDolls, Hatful of Rain, The Music Man, and The Time of Your Life.
  • Film Appearances
  • Terry, Wanted: Dead or Alive, New World, 1987
  • Dr. Nora Haley, Cameron's Closet, SVS, 1988
  • Tracy, K-9, Universal, 1989
  • Sarah, Raising Cain, Universal, 1992
  • Catherine June "Kate" Sullivan, Desperate Motive (also known as Distant Cousins), New Line Cinema, 1993
  • Renee Descartes, Suture, Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1993
  • Susan Allen, Wind Dancer, KOAN Inc./Majestic Entertainment, 1994
  • Voice of Claire Tyler, The Pagemaster (animated), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1994
  • Jennifer Blake, Sonic Impact, New City Releasing, 1999
  • Cordella Galloway, Firetrap, PM Entertainment Group, 2001
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Hope Murdoch Steadman, thirtysomething, ABC, 1987-1991
  • Carly Davis-Farrell, Something So Right, NBC, 1996-1997 then ABC,1997-1998
  • Miniseries
  • Madge Oberholtzer, Cross of Fire, NBC, 1989
  • Kate Rule, Grass Roots, 1992
  • Sonia Klonsky, The Burden of Proof (also known as Scott Turow'sThe Burden of Proof), ABC, 1992
  • Movies
  • Fay Salerno, Harry's Hong Kong (also known as China Hand),ABC, 1987
  • Eleanor Gilbert Rusher (some sources cite Eleanor Goldberg-Rusher), MyBrother's Wife (also known as Just Good Friends and The MiddleAges), ABC, 1989
  • Jill Tyler, Child of Rage, CBS, 1992
  • Allison Wilcox, Desperate Journey: The Allison Wilcox Story, ABC,1993
  • Kathy Arnold, With Hostile Intent (also known as With Hostile Intent: Sisters in Black and Blue), CBS, 1993
  • Dianna Taylor, The Spider and the Fly, Lifetime, 1994
  • Jordan Kirkland, Broken Lullaby (also known as Harlequin Romance Movies), CBS, 1994
  • Susan Rodgers, Ultimate Betrayal, CBS, 1994
  • Claire Downowski, Women of Spring Break (also known as Welcometo Paradise), CBS, 1995
  • Dr. Laurel O'Connor, Sharon's Secret (also known as Into the Fire), 1995
  • Ellen Bradford, The Secretary (also known as Criminal Instinct), CBS, 1995
  • Laura Hyler, What Kind of Mother Are You?, NBC, 1996
  • Liz Hemmitt, A Case for Life, ABC, 1996
  • Sarah McLeish, Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest, CBS, 1997
  • Karen, The Retrievers, Animal Planet, 2001
  • Specials
  • Host, Hush Little Baby: The Challenge of Child Care, Lifetime, 1989
  • The Second Annual Valvoline National Driving Test, 1990
  • Inside thirtysomething, Bravo, 2001
  • Awards Presentations
  • The 15th Annual People's Choice Awards, CBS, 1989
  • Presenter, The Walt Disney Company Presents the American Teacher Awards, The Disney Channel, 1994
  • Episodic
  • "Cementing Relationships," M*A*S*H, CBS, 1980
  • Jane Whittier, "Trouble in the Stars," The Wizard, CBS, 1986
  • "A Very Happy Ending," Alfred Hitchcock Presents, NBC, 1986
  • "Working without a Net," Heart of the City, ABC, 1986
  • "First Love," Rags to Riches, NBC, 1987
  • "Automobiles," American Treasury, CBS, 1989
  • "Books," American Treasury, CBS, 1989
  • "The S. S. Savannah," American Treasury, CBS, 1989
  • Dr. Chris Harks, "Paradise," The Outer Limits, Showtime and syndicated, 1996
  • Helen Lindley, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," Dawson's Creek, TheWB, 1999
  • "Love and Dermatology," Madigan Men, ABC, 2000
  • Kelly Rockhill, "The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 2001
  • As Mel Kennerly, appeared on The $100,000 Pyramid game show, syndicated.
  • Other
  • Annie Epson, Out of Time, 2000
  • Television Work
  • Episodic
  • Directed episodes of thirtysomething, ABC.

Further Reference


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