Valeria Golino Biography (1966-)

Born October 22, 1966, in Naples, Italy; father an Italian scholar, mother, apainter. Addresses: Agent: Creative Artists Agency, 9830 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA, 90212.

Actress, producer
Birth Details
October 22, 1966
Naples, Italy

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Adalgisa De Andreiis, Scherzo del destino in agguato dietro l'angolo come un brigante da strada (also known as A Joke of Destiny andA Joke of Destiny, Lying in Wait Around the Corner Like a Bandit), Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1983
  • (Uncredited) Sotto, sotto (also known as Softly, Softly), 1984
  • Girl in bikini, Blind Date (also known as Deadly Seduction), New Line Cinema, 1984
  • Mara, Piccoli fuochi (also known as Little Fires and Little Flames), 1985
  • Caterina, Detective School Dropouts (also known as Dumb Dicks and Private Detectives), 1985
  • Bruna Assecondati, Storia d'amore, 1986
  • Claudia Marchetti, Dernier ete a Tanger (also known as Last Summer in Tangiers and L'ete dernier a Tanger), 1987
  • Nora Treves, Gli occhiali d'oro (also known as The Gold Rimmed Glasses and Les lunettes d'or), 1987
  • Francesca, Figlio mio infinitamente caro (also known as My Dearest Son), 1987
  • Gina Piccolapupula, Big Top Pee-wee, Paramount, 1988
  • Sandra Parini, Paura e amore (also known as Fuerchten und Lieben, Love and Fear, and Three Sisters), 1988
  • Susanna, Rain Man, United Artists, 1988
  • Gemma Rosselli, Acque di primavera (also known as Les eaux printanieres and Torrents of Spring), Millimeter Films, 1989
  • Jeanne de Luynes, La putain du roi (also known as La donna delre, The King's Mistress, and The King's Whore), Miramax, 1990
  • Tracce di vita amorosa, 1990
  • Maria, The Indian Runner, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1991
  • Lia, Year of the Gun, Triumph Releasing Corp., 1991
  • Ramada Thompson/Adrien/Scarlett O'Hara/Lois Lane, Hot Shots!,Twentieth Century-Fox, 1991
  • Frammenti di vita amorosa (also known as Traces of Amorous Life), 1991
  • Anita, Puerto Escondido, 1992
  • Ramada Rodham Hayman, Hot Shots! Part Deux (also known as Hot Shots! 2), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1993
  • Giulietta Guicciardi, Immortal Beloved, 1994
  • Marta, Come due coccodrilli (also known as Comme deux crocodiles and Like Two Crocodiles), 1994
  • Sarah Novak/Beth Holly, Clean Slate, 1994
  • Terri, Leaving Las Vegas, United Artists, 1995
  • Athena, "The Missing Ingredient," Four Rooms, Miramax, 1995
  • Submission, 1995
  • Taslima, Escape from L.A. (also known as John Carpenter's Escape from L.A.), Paramount, 1996
  • I sfagi tou kokora (also known as Slaughter of the Cock andLa strage del gallo), 1996
  • Elizabeth Laughton, An Occasional Hell, Greenlight Productions, 1996
  • Ida, Escoriandoli, 1996
  • Sylvie Otti, Side Streets, Cargo Films, 1997
  • Bravo Randy, 1997
  • Maria, Le acrobate, Mikado, 1997
  • Silvia, L'albero delle pere (also known as The Pear Tree and Shooting the Moon), RaiTrade, 1998
  • Anita, Harem Suare (also known as Le dernier harem), MedusaDistribuzione, 1999
  • Spanish Judges, Cargo Films, 1999
  • Lilly, Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her, United Artists,2000
  • Il fratello minore, Istituto Luce, 2000
  • Constanza Vero, Ivansxtc \[also known as Ivansxtc (To Live andDie in Hollywood)\], 2000
  • Nina, Controvento (also known as Against the Wind), Istituto Luce, 2000
  • Film Producer
  • I sfagi tou kokora (also known as Slaughter of the Cock andLa strage del gallo), 1996
  • Television Appearances
  • Miniseries
  • Nunzia, La vita che verra, 1998
  • Movies
  • Red Wind, 1991
  • Alexandria Hotel, 1998
  • Music Videos
  • R.E.M.'s "Bittersweet Me," 1995

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