Robert Reese Parrish Biography (1916-1995)

Born January 4, 1916, in Columbus, GA; died December 4, 1995, on Long Island,NY. Actor, filmmaker, author. After a move to Hollywood, California, duringhis childhood, Parrish devoted his career to the film industry, ultimately winning an Academy Award for film editing. He began work as an actor during hisyouth to help with family finances. His performances were included in filmssuch as Charlie Chaplin's City Lights, and in the 1930s pictures Up the River, Office Boy, and The Informer, among others. In the mid- 1930s, Parrish, whohad worked with esteemed director John Ford in The Informer, became an apprentice to Ford so he could learn about the filmmaking process. He gained experience on films such as Stagecoach, The Grapes of Wrath, and Tobacco Road. During World War II, Parrish served with the U.S. Navy's Field Photographic Branch along with Ford. Parrish edited two of Ford's wartime documentaries, December 7th and Battle of Midway. Both works received Academy Awards. After the war, Parrish continued to edit films such as All the King's Men and Body and Soul; he won an Academy Award for editing for the latter picture. In 1950 he began work as a director. This work spanned four decades and included such features as The Mob, The Purple Plain, The San Francisco Story, The Wonderful Country, Casino Royale, and Mississippi Blues. In 1955 he founded his own production company, Trimark Productions, Inc. During his career Parrish penned twovolumes of memoirs, Growing up in Hollywood and Hollywood Doesn't Live HereAnymore.

actor, author
Birth Details
January 4, 1916
Columbus, Georgia, United States
Death Details
December 4, 1995
Long Island, New York, United States

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