Bill Bryden Biography (1942-)

Full name, William Campbell Rough Bryden; born April 12, 1942, in Greenock, Scotland; son of George (an engineer) and Catherine (Rough) Bryden; married Deborah Morris (a potter), July 24, 1970; children: Dillon Michael George, MaryKate. Career: Director, producer, playwright, and screenwriter. RoyalCourt Theatre, London, England, assistant to William Gaskill, 1966-68; Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland, associate director, 1971--; National Theatre,London, associate director, 1975--; Cottesloe Theatre, London, director, 1978--. BBC--Scotland, head of drama, 1984-93; director, researcher, and scriptwriter for Scottish television. Awards, Honors: Laurence Olivier Award,director of the year, Society of West End Theatre, 1985, for The Mysteries. Addresses: Agent: Kenneth Ewing, Fraser and Dunlop Scripts, 91Regent St., London W1R 8RU, England.

Director, producer, playwright, screenwriter
Birth Details
April 12, 1942
Greenock, Scotland

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