Chris Cooper Biography (1951-)

Full name, Christopher W. Cooper; born July 9, 1951, in Kansas City, MO; sonof Charles (a military doctor and rancher) and Mary Ann (a homemaker) Cooper;married Marianne Leone (a writer, actress, and comedienne), July, 1983 (somesources cite 1985); children: Jesse.

Birth Details
July 9, 1951
Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Famous Works

  • Stage Appearances
  • Ben Mercer, Of the Fields, Lately, Century Theatre, New York City,1980
  • Tyler Biars, A Different Moon, Workshop of the Performing Arts Theatre, New York City, 1983
  • Paul Anthony MacAleer, The Ballad of Soapy Smith, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Seattle, WA, 1983 then New York Shakespeare Festival, Public Theatre, New York City, 1984
  • Stuff, Sweet Bird of Youth, London, 1985
  • Ty, Cobb, Yale Repertory Theatre, New Haven, CT, 1989
  • Appeared with the Actors Theatre of Louisville, Louisville, KY, 1980-81;and in a production of A Streetcar Named Desire.
  • Film Appearances
  • Bad Timing (also known as Bad Timing: A Sexual Obsession and A Sexual Obsession), J. Arthur Rank, 1980
  • Joe Kenehan, Matewan, Cinecom, 1987
  • Charlie, Thousand Pieces of Gold, Greycat Films, 1991
  • Larry Nolan, Guilty by Suspicion, Warner Bros., 1991
  • Riggs, City of Hope, Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1991
  • Roy, This Boy's Life, Warner Bros., 1993
  • Anthony Blessing, Ned Blessing: The True Story of My Life (also known as Lone Justice and Ned Blessing), Academy Entertainment, 1994
  • John Hull Abston, Pharaoh's Army, Orion Home Entertainment, 1995
  • Torch, Money Train, Columbia, 1995
  • Deputy Dwayne Powell Looney, A Time to Kill, Warner Bros., 1996
  • Mr. John Baker, Boys, Buena Vista, 1996
  • Sam Deeds, Lone Star, Columbia/TriStar, 1996
  • Frank Booker, The Horse Whisperer, Buena Vista, 1998
  • "Uncle" Joe, Great Expectations, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1998
  • Colonel Frank Fitts, American Beauty, DreamWorks, 1999
  • John Kickam, October Sky, Universal, 1999
  • Ron Hacksby, The 24 Hour Woman, Artisan Entertainment, 1999
  • Colonel Harry Burwell, The Patriot (also known as Der Patriot), Columbia/TriStar, 2000
  • Lieutenant Gerke, Me, Myself, and Irene, Twentieth Century-Fox, 2000
  • Bob Cody, Interstate 60, Redeemable Features, 2001
  • John Laroche, Adaptation, Columbia, 2001
  • Also appeared in Undertow.
  • Television Appearances
  • Miniseries
  • July Johnson, Lonesome Dove, CBS, 1989
  • July Johnson, Return to Lonesome Dove, CBS, 1993
  • Movies
  • Frank Wiliker, "To the Moon, Alice," Showtime 30-Minute Movie, Showtime, 1990
  • Jack Wilson, In Broad Daylight, NBC, 1991
  • Price Daniel Jr., Bed of Lies (also known as Deadly Blessing), ABC, 1992
  • James Reed, One More Mountain (also known as One More Mountain:An American Epic), ABC, 1994
  • Dr. William Larson, Breast Men, HBO, 1997
  • Gus Jr., Alone (also known as Horton Foote's Alone), Showtime, 1997
  • Specials
  • Louis Halladay, "Eugene O'Neill: Journey into Genius," American Playhouse, PBS, 1988
  • Eugene Debs, "Darrow," American Playhouse, PBS, 1991
  • Episodic
  • Michael, "The Rehearsal," The Equalizer, CBS, 1987
  • Jimmy Yagovitch, "Mirror Image," Miami Vice, NBC, 1988
  • Father, Lifestories, NBC, 1990
  • Ron Payne, "Blood Libel," Law & Order, NBC, 1996
  • Appeared as Sam Cranshaw, The Edge of Night, ABC.
  • Other
  • Ernie Favaro, A Little Piece of Sunshine, 1990
  • Charlie Skyler, The Deliverance of Elaine, 1996

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