Vernon Hinkle Biography (1935-)

Addresses: Home: 470 W. 24th Street, New York, NY, 10011; Office: 437W. 22nd Street, New York, NY, 10011.

"Plays became private fantasies on the farm where I was brought up, isolatedfrom friends my own age. Sometimes in later years, it became difficult to collaborate on a fantasy, as in theatre work. After some unhappy experiences trying, I started my first novel and enjoyed the privacy and control. Finally restless, I emerged from the novelist's cocoon with a new readiness to collaborate in theatre, even with some entrepreneuring spirit--a necessary quality for most playwrights who want to work in, not out of, the theatre. If my work is any one thing besides eclectic, it is mystery, in the sense that each piece (novel or play) is a puzzle or a quest for unknown answers. In this respect, I regard most fiction as mystery."

playwright, director
Birth Details
July 23, 1935
Amsterdam, New York

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