Francisco Rabal Biography (1925-2001)

Full name, Francisco Rabal Valera; born March 8, 1925 (some sources say 1926), in Aguilas, Murcia, Spain; son of Benito Rabal and Teresa Valera; married Maria Asuncion Balaguer (an actress), 1950; children: Benito (a director and camera operator), Teresa (an actress); grandfather of Liberto Rabal (an actor). Career: Actor. Worked as an electrician at Chamartin Studios, Madrid, Spain. Awards, Honors: Best Actor Award (with Alfredo Landa), CannesInternational Film Festival, 1984, for Los santos inocentes; Best Actor Award, Montreal World Film Festival, 1991, for L'homme qui a perduson ombre. Addresses: Contact: Motion Picture Division, Spanish Ministry of Culture, San Marcos 40, Madrid 28004, Spain.

Birth Details
March 8, 1925
Aguilas, Murcia, Spain

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