Howard Stringer Biography (1942-)

Born February 19, 1942, in Cardiff, Wales; emigrated to the United States, 1965, naturalized citizen, 1985; son of Harry and Marjorie Mary (Pook) Stringer; married Jennifer A. Kinmond Patterson, July 29, 1978; children: David Ridley. Addresses: Office: CBS Broadcast Group, 51 West 52nd St., New York,NY 10019.

executive producer, writer, director
Birth Details
February 19, 1942
Cardiff, Wales

Famous Works

  • Credits; Television Executive Producer
  • CBS Reports (series), CBS, 1976-81.
  • CBS Evening News with Dan Rather (series), CBS, 1981-84.
  • Credits; Television Director
  • Director of episodes of CBS Reports, including "The Boston Goes toChina--CBS Reports" and "CBS Reports: The Rockefellers."
  • Credits; For Television
  • Writer of several pieces for CBS Reports, including "CBS Reports:The Rockefellers" (with Burton Benjamin), "CBS Reports: The Defense of the United States--Ground Zero" (with Walter Pincus, Andrew Lack, and Bob Schieffer), and "CBS Reports: The Defense of the United States--Nuclear Battlefield" (with Judy Crichton and Leslie Cockburn).

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