Fanny Ardant Biography (1949-)

Full name, Fanny Marguerite Judith Ardant; born March 22, 1949, in Monte Carlo, Monaco (some sources say Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, France); father, a military attache; married c. 1970s (marriage ended); married Francois Truffaut (a director), 1981 (divorced, 1984); children: (first marriage) Lumir; (second marriage) Josephine; Baladine. Addresses: Agent: Artmedia, 10 avenue George-V, 75008 Paris, France.

Birth Details
March 22, 1949
Monte Carlo, Monaco

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Marie-poupee (also known as Marie, the Doll), 1976
  • Nurse, Les chiens (also known as The Dogs), 1978
  • Mathilde Bauchard, La femme d'a cote (also known as The Woman Next Door), 1981
  • Veronique, Les uns et les autres (also known as Bolero andWithin Memory), 1981
  • Barbara Becker, Vivement dimanche! (also known as Confidentially Yours and Finally, Sunday), 1983
  • Title role, Benvenuta, 1983
  • Livia Cerasquier, La vie est un roman (also known as Life Is aBed of Roses), 1983
  • Soleil et nuit, 1983
  • Duchesse de Guermantes, Un amour de Swann (also known as A Loveof Swann, Swann in Love, and Eine Liebe von Swann), 1984
  • Jessica Melrose, Les enrages, 1984
  • Judith Martignac, L'amour a mort (also known as Love unto Death), 1984
  • Lucia, Desiderio (also known as Desire), 1984
  • Dina, L'ete prochain (also known as Next Summer), 1985
  • Affabulazione, 1985
  • Christiane Levesque, Melo, Marin Karmitz Diffusion, 1986
  • Lotte, Le paltoquet (also known as Paltoquet), 1986
  • The mother, Le conseil de famille (also known as Family Business), Gaumont, 1986
  • Adriana (as a woman), La famiglia (also known as The Familyand La famille), 1987
  • Velia, Paura e amore (also known as Fear and Love, Loveand Fear, Three Sisters, and Fuerchten und Lieben), 1988
  • L'altro enigma, 1988
  • Jeanne Gauthier, Australia, 1989
  • Roxanne, Pleure pas my love, 1989
  • Catherine Crachet, Aventure de Catherine C., 1990
  • Miriam, Afraid of the Dark (also known as Double vue), FineLine, 1991
  • Muriel, Rien que des mensonges (also known as Nothing but Lies), 1991
  • The woman, Amok, 1992
  • Herself, Francois Truffaut: Portraits voles (also known as Francois Truffaut: Stolen Portraits), 1993
  • Nina, La femme du deserteur (also known as The Deserter's Wife, Wife of the Deserter, and Isha Zara), Midbar Films, 1993
  • Countess Ferraud, Le Colonel Chabert (also known as Colonel Chabert), Cine Company, 1994
  • Actor for a day, Les cent et une nuits (also known as A Hundredand One Nights, A Hundred and One Nights of Simon Cinema, and Les cent et une nuits de Simon Cinema), Recorded Pictures Company, 1995
  • Herself, Faire un film pour moi c'est vivre (also known as Making a Film for Me Is to Live), 1995
  • Irene, Sabrina, Paramount, 1995
  • Patricia, Par-dela les nuages (also known as Beyond the Clouds, Al di la delle nuvole, Al di la delle nuvole Jenseits der Wolken, and Jenseits der Wolken), Mercure Distribution, 1995
  • Evelyne (dite Eva), Pedale douce (also known as What a Drag), Cine Company, 1996
  • Madame de Blayac, Ridicule, Miramax, 1996
  • Odette, Desire (also known as Desire de Sacha Guitry), Monarch Home Video, 1996
  • Herself, Le zenith des enfoires, 1997
  • Flora, La cena (also known as Le diner), Bac Films, 1998
  • Mary of Guise, Elizabeth (also known as Elizabeth: The Virgin Queen), Gramercy, 1998
  • Anne, Le files du Francais (also known as The Son of Francais), Pathe, 1999
  • Herself, Augustin, roi du Kung-fu (also known as Augustin, Kingof Kung-Fu), Pathe, 1999
  • Marie Langmann, La debandade (also known as Hard Off), Pathe, 1999
  • Madame Therbouche, Le libertin (also known as The Libertine), Pathe, 2000
  • Marina D'Angelo, Sin noticias de Dios (also known as No News from God, Without News of God, Bendito infierno, and Nessuna notizia da Dio), First Look Home Entertainment, 2001
  • Nina, Change-moi ma vie (also known as Change My Life), PanEuropeenne Distribution, 2001
  • Maria Callas, Callas Forever, Bac Films, 2002
  • Pierette, 8 femmes (also known as 8 Women), USA Films, 2002
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Philomene, Les bon bourgeois, 1981
  • Medecins des hommes, 1988
  • Miniseries
  • Jeanne Laurent, Le mutant, 1978
  • Les dames de la cote (also known as Women of the Coast), 1980
  • Katy, Le chef de famille, 1982
  • Les uns et les autres, 1983
  • Laure-Adelaide de Chabrillant, La grande cabriole, 1989
  • Movies
  • Memoires de deux jeunes mariees, 1980
  • Madeleine Usher, La chute de la maison Usher, 1981
  • Title role, Mademoiselle Julie, 1984
  • Eve Hanska, Balzac (also known as Balzac: A Life of Passionand Balzac--Ein Leben voller Leidenschaft), Bravo, 1999
  • Specials
  • Herself and Barbara, Vivement Truffaut (also known as Hommage aTruffaut), 1985
  • Stage Appearances
  • Maria Callas, Master Class, Paris production, 1997
  • Appeared in other stage productions, including Electra, Esther, The Mayor of Santiago, Polyeucte, and Tete d'or.

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