Julian Beck Biography (1925-1925)

Born May 31, 1925, in New York City; died September 14, 1985; son of Irving (a businessman) and Mabel Lucille (a teacher; maiden name Blum) Beck; marriedJudith Malina (a writer, actress, producer, and director) October 30, 1948.

Birth Details
May 31, 1925
New York, New York, United States

Famous Works

  • Co-founder (with Judith Malina), producer, director, and actor, Living Theatre Productions, Inc., New York City, 1947.
  • portrayed in Living Theatre productions: The Regisseur, Childish Jokes, Teacher, He Who Says Yes and He Who Says No, and Young Man, Dialogue of the Young Man and the Manikin.
  • director, Gertrude Stein's Ladies' Voices.
  • designer, The 13th God, Cherry Lane Theatre, New York City, 1951.
  • With the Living Theatre, in New York City and Europe: producer, Dr.
  • Faustus Lights the Lights, Beyond the Mountains, 1951.
  • Desire Trapped by the Tail, Ladies' Voices, Sweeney Agonistes, Faustina,Ubu Roi, produced and appeared as Theseus, The Heroes, 1952.
  • Quant, The Age of Anxiety, Colonel, The Spook Sonata, Azrael, Orpheus, title role, The Idiot King, 1954.
  • produced, directed, and appeared as The Director, Tonight We Improvise, produced and appeared as Theramenes, Phaedra, produced and directed, The YoungDisciple, 1955.
  • produced, The Connection, Madrigal of War, All That Fall, Embers, Act without Words, I and II, Bertha, Theory of Comedy, Love's Labors, produced, directed, and appeared as The Director, Tonight We Improvise, produced and directed, Many Loves, The Cave at Machpelah, 1959.
  • produced, The Devil's Mother, Faust Foutu, The Herne's Egg, Purgatory, AFull Moon in March, produced and directed, The Marrying Woman, The Women of Trachis, produced and appeared as The Director, The Election, Shink, In the Jungle of Cities, 1960.
  • Produced, The Mountain Giants, produced and appeared as Peter, Many Loves, Ajax, The Apple, 1961.
  • produced and directed, Man Is Man, 1962.
  • The Brig, 1963.
  • co-produced, designed, The Brig, Mermaid Theatre, London, 1964.
  • produced and appeared with the Living Theatre at the Academy of Liberal Arts, West Berlin, Germany, 1964.
  • wrote, produced, and directed, Mysteries, Theatre 140, Brussels, 1965.
  • co-authored, co-directed (with Judith Malina), Frankenstein, Brussels, 1966.
  • produced, Antigone, The Maids, Mysteries, Teatro Parioli, Rome, 1967.
  • produced, Mysteries and Smaller Pieces, co-authored (with Malina) and produced, Paradise Now, produced, designed, and appeared in Frankenstein, produced and appeared as Kreon, The Antigone of Sophokles, Brooklyn Acadmey of Music, New York City, 1968.
  • co-authored (with Malina) and produced, The Legacy of Cain: Three Pilot Projects, produced, Rituals, Rights and Transformations, Rio Clara, Embu, Brazil, 1971.
  • co-authored (with Malina) and produced, Seven Meditations on Political Sado-Masochism, Washington Square Methodist Church, New York City, 1974.
  • Prometheus, Round House, London, 1979.
  • produced and appeared in The Archeology of Sleep, The Antigone of Sophokles, The Yellow Methuselah and The One and the Many, Joyce Theatre, New York City, 1984.
  • Credits; MAJOR TOURS
  • With the Living Theatre Repertory Company: The Connection, Many Loves, Inthe Jungle of Cities, Rome, Turin, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, 1961.
  • The Connection, In the Jungle of Cities, The Apple, Switzerland, France,The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, 1962.
  • Antigone, The Maids, Mysteries, European cities, 1967.
  • Paradise Now, Mysteries and Smaller Pieces, appeared in Frankenstein, Kreon, The Antigone of Sophokles, U.S. cities, 1971.
  • Narcissus, 1957.
  • Living and Glorious, 1965.
  • Amore, Amore, 1966.
  • Agonia, 1967.
  • Oedipus Rex, 1967.
  • Le Compromis, 1968.
  • Etre Libre, 1968.
  • Paradise Now, 1969.
  • Poltergeist II: The Other Side, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1986.
  • Also, work appears in a filmed version of The Brig.
  • The Brig.
  • Frankenstein: A Collective Creation of the Living Theatre, La Fiacola, 1972.
  • Paradise Now: A Collective Creation of the Living Theatre, Random House,1971.
  • The Legacy of Cain: Three Pilot Projects.
  • A Collective Creation of the Living Theatre, Belibaste, 1972.
  • Seven Meditations on Political Sado-Masochism: A Collective Creation of the Living Theatre, Fag Rag, 1973.
  • Also Six Public Acts, and The Money Tower.
  • Writings;POEMS
  • Songs of the Revolution: One to Thirty-Five, Interim, 1963.
  • Twenty-One Songs of the Revolution, April Verlag, 1969.
  • Songs of the Revolution: Thirty-Six to Eighty-Nine, Union Generale d'Editions, 1974.
  • Writings;NONFICTION
  • Revolution and Counterrevolution, Nuovi Argumenti, 1968.
  • Conversations with Julian Beck and Judith Malina, edited by Jean- JacquesLebel, Belfond, 1969.
  • (with Judith Malina and Aldo Rostagno) We, the Living, Ballantine, 1970.
  • The Life of the Theatre, City Lights, 1972.
  • (contributor) John Lahr and Jonathan Price, editors, The Great American Life Show, Bantam, 1974.

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Feb 26, 2012 @ 9:21 pm
i was just watching poltergeist 2 and i just got to the part when Cane said "your gonna die in there all of you". i thought that was really creepy so at the end of the movie i saw Cane's real name and looked him up and ended up here.i think this is a really nice and detailed biography!

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