Lucy Webb Biography ((?)-)

Actress and comedienne. Before she began her career in comedy acting, Lucy Webb was employed as an intern on Washington's Capitol Hill by then-Tennessee Congressman Albert Gore. Ironically, since 1983, Webb has been a regular castmember of the Home Box Office series Not Necessarily the News, a show that frequently pokes fun at politicians. "I hear that politicians find the show extremely funny," she said in The Cable Guide (April, 1987). The Home Box Officeshow has been quite popular, spawning several specials, including Not Necessarily the Year in Review and Not Necessarily Television. Network television audiences have seen Webb's work as Pvt. Luanne Hubble, on the CBS comedy series Private Benjamin, and in the movie, A Few Days at Weasle Creek. In 1981, Webb also performed in the werewolf comedy Full Moon High.


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