Patrick Bauchau Biography (1938-)

Surname is pronounced Beau-show; born December 6, 1938, in Brussels, Belgium;son of Henri (a writer, publisher, school administrator, and psychoanalyst)and Mary (a publisher and school administrator; maiden name, Kozyrev) Bauchau; brother-in-law of Brigette Bardot (an actress); married Mijanou Bardot (anactress and writer); children: Camille.

Birth Details
December 6, 1938
Brussels, Belgium

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Frank, La carriere de Suzanne (also known as Suzanne's Career), 1963
  • Adrien, La collectionneuse (also known as The Collector andSix contes moraux IV: La collectionneuse), 1967
  • Tuset Street (also known as The Lover and La amante), 1967
  • Tony, Guns, 1980
  • Friedrich "Fritz" Munro, Der Stand der Dinge (also known as TheState of Things and O estado das coisas), 1982
  • Husband, Crystal Gazing, 1982
  • Russian soldier, Enigma, 1982
  • Les iles, 1982
  • Adam, Le voyage d'hiver (also known as Winter Journey), 1983
  • Carlier, Coup de foudre (also known as At First Sight, Between Us, and Entre nous), 1983
  • Jordan, Premiers desirs (also known as First Desires and Erste Sehnsucht), 1983
  • Dettore, Nucleo zero (also known as Nucleus Zero), 1984
  • Ethel's father, La femme publique (also known as The Public Woman), 1984
  • Marc, Emmanuelle 4, 1984
  • Zack Antoine, Choose Me, Island Alive, 1984
  • Himself and Inspector Rudolf Geiger, Il mondo dell'orrore di Dario Argento (also known as Dario Argento's World of Horror), 1985
  • Inspector Rudolf Geiger, Phenomena (also known as Creepers), 1985
  • Robert, Lola, 1985
  • Scarpine, A View to a Kill, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1985
  • La moitie de l'amour (also known as Half of Love), 1985
  • Captain Luis Dantas, Balada de Praia dos Caes (also known as Ballad of Dog's Beach and La playa de los perros), 1986
  • Octave, Le conseil de famille (also known as Family Business), 1986
  • Gregoire, O Archangelos tou pathous (also known as Potlatch), 1987
  • Kubler, Friendship's Death, 1987
  • Leo, Accroche-coeur, 1987
  • Simon Lenhardt, Cross, 1987
  • Motten im Licht (also known as Flies in the Light), 1987
  • Prince Scotti, La maitre de musique (also known as The Music Teacher), 1988
  • Raymond Ravennes, La travestie, 1988
  • Andre Gauthier, Australia, 1989
  • Collard, Comedie d'amour, 1989
  • Visioni private (also known as Private Screening), 1989
  • Pablo, La mas natural (also known as The Most Natural Thing), 1990
  • Paul, Erreur de jeunesse (also known as Youthful Indiscretion), 1990
  • Robert, Robert's Movie, 1991
  • Roman Stal, Terra nova (also known as New Land), 1991
  • Vic, The Rapture, 1991
  • Como levantar 1000 kilos, 1991
  • Craven, 1991
  • Il nodo alla cravatta (also known as The Knot in the Necktie), 1991
  • Boris Peralta, Complicazioni nella notte (also known as Complications at Night), 1992
  • Jerald Buckley, Chain of Desire, 1992
  • Mr. Johnson, Havanera 1820, 1992
  • Performer at an attraction at Disney World's Tomorrowland, From Time to Time (also known as Timekeeper and Le visionarium), 1992
  • Richard, Every Breath, 1993
  • Yoram Sussman, Acting on Impulse (also known as Eyes of a Stranger, Roses Are Dead, Secret Lies, and Secret Lives),1993
  • Enrique Rojas, Clear and Present Danger, Paramount, 1994
  • Jean Levy, The New Age, Warner Bros., 1994
  • Sherman McPhee, Dark Side of Genius, Pacific Shores Pictures, 1994
  • Friedrich Munro, Lisbon Story (also known as Lisbonne Storyand Viagem a Lisboa), 1994 Fox Lorber, 1997
  • Padre Stephen Louis, Jenipapo (also known as The Interview), Video Search of Miami, 1995
  • Sam, Serpent's Lair, New City Releasing/Warnervision Entertainment, 1995
  • Balthazar, I magi randagi (also known as We Free Kings andAmour pour amour), I.P.S., 1996
  • Pierre-Yves, Enfants de salaud (also known as Bastard Brood), M6 Films, 1996
  • Donald Cammell: The Ultimate Performance (documentary), Total Performance, 1998
  • Miles, Twin Falls Idaho, Sony Pictures Classics, 1999
  • Hank, The Beat Nicks, Exile Pictures, 2000
  • Lucien Baines, The Cell, New Line Cinema, 2000
  • Professor Giraud, The Sculptress, Phaedra Cinema, 2000
  • Voice of Sevon and Santa Claus, Jackpot, Sony Pictures Classics, 2001
  • Short Films
  • Cat's Cradle, 1992
  • Hank Kerchief, The Beatnicks, 1993
  • Gunther, Damascus, 1995
  • Film Work
  • Associate Producer
  • Paris vu par... (also known as Six in Paris), 1965
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Andre Valeur, Mount Royal (also known as Mont-Royal), [Canada and France], beginning in 1987
  • Archon Raine, Kindred: The Embraced, Fox, 1996
  • Dr. Sydney Green, The Pretender, NBC, 1996-2000
  • Miniseries
  • Don Rodrigo, Christopher Columbus, CBS, 1985
  • Ludwik, Kane & Abel, CBS, 1985
  • Movies
  • Alan Channing, Love among Thieves, ABC, 1987
  • Max Barsini, Columbo: Murder--A Self-Portrait, NBC, c. 1990
  • Dr. Luc Montagnier, And the Band Played On, HBO, 1993
  • Dr. Sydney Green, The Pretender: Island of the Haunted, TNT, 2001
  • Dr. Sydney Green, The Pretender 2001, TNT, 2001
  • Episodic
  • Bruno Baxter, Nestor Burma, [France], c. 1991
  • Inspector Morel, "The Monte Carlo Murders," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1992
  • Arno Rutman, "Triple Cross" (also known as "The Corkscrew Intercept"), Fortune Hunter, Fox, 1994
  • Shepard, "The Greatest Love Story Never Told," Earth 2, NBC, 1995
  • Other
  • Riker, Riviera, 1987
  • Dr. Hopkins, La mujer de tu vida: La mujer perdida (also known asThe Woman of Your Life: The Lost Woman), 1988
  • Pavel, La madonne et le dragon (also known as The Madonna and the Dragon and Madonna und der Drache), 1990
  • Raymond Ravennes, Double Identity (also known as Frontiere du crime and Haute tension--Frontiere du crime), 1990
  • Andre Rouselle, Day of Reckoning, 1994
  • Kurt, OP Center (also known as Tom Clancy's OP Center), ABC, 1995
  • Pilots
  • Eli Chelarin, Blood Ties, Fox, 1991
  • Screenplays
  • Dialogue
  • La collectionneuse (also known as The Collector and Sixcontes moraux IV: La collectionneuse), 1967

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