Sally Jessy Raphael Biography (1943-)

Original name, Sally Lowenthal; born February 25, 1943, in Easton, PA; daughter of Jesse (a business executive) and Dede Lowry (a painter; maiden name, Raphael) Lowenthal; married Andrew Vladimir (an advertising executive and professor of hotel management), c. 1959 (divorced, 1964); married Karl Soderlund (a radio station manager and actor), c. 1964; children: (first marriage) Allison Vladimir Romanoff (deceased), Andrea; (second marriage) Jason ("J. J."; adopted), two stepdaughters, and three foster children, including Monica Franciscus. Addresses: Office: USA Studios, FI 0F2, 15 Penn Plaza, New York,NY 10001-2010.

Talk show host, producer
Birth Details
February 25, 1943
Easton, Pennsylvania

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