Sander Vanocur Biography (1928-)

Born Sander Vinocur, January 8, 1928, in Cleveland, OH; son of Louis (a lawyer) and Rose (maiden name, Millman) Vinocur; married Edith Pick (a fashion designer), March 3, 1956 (died, 1975); married Virginia Backus Wood, December 19, 1975; children: Nicholas, Christopher. Career: News broadcaster andexecutive. Manchester Guardian, London, England, reporter, 1954-55; British Broadcasting Corp., London, news analyst, 1954-55; CBS News, London, British correspondent, 1954-55; New York Times, city staff, 1955-57; NBCNews, New York City, 1957-71, Washington, DC, correspondent, 1957, Midwestern correspondent, Chicago, 1958, White House correspondent, 1961, weekend newsanchor, 1961-65; National Public Affairs Center, Public Broadcasting Service(PBS), senior correspondent, 1971-77; Washington Post, Washington, television columnist, 1975-77; ABC News and Sports, New York City, vice-president of special reporting units, 1977-80; ABC News, chief overview correspondent, 1980-81, senior correspondent, 1981-; Business World, ABC, anchor,1986-1992; Media Watch organizer, 1996. Also professor of communications at Duke University; former consultant, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. Military service: U.S. Army, 1952-54; became first lieutenant.Awards, Honors: Broadcast Leadership Award, Yale Broadcasting Co., 1962; Emmy Award nomination (with others), achievement in coverage of special events, 1968, for "Chicago Democratic Convention Coverage.".

Broadcaster, executive
Birth Details
January 8, 1928
Cleveland, Ohio, United States

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