Hugh Harman Biography (1903?-1982)

Born in August 31, 1903 (some sources say 1908), in Pagosa Springs, CO; diedafter a long illness, November 26 (some sources say November 25), 1982, in Chatsworth, CA. Career: Animator and film director. Worked at Kansas City Film Ad Agency; member of Walt Disney team producing Laugh-O-Gram cartoons,1921-23; member of Walt Disney studios, beginning, 1926; Harman-Ising, partner in cartoon production company with Rudolf Ising, 1929. Co-creator of "Looney Tunes," "Happy Harmonies," and "Merry Melodies" cartoons. Awards, Honors: Shared seven Academy Award nominations, including best short cartoon category, 1935, for The Calico Dragon, and 1936, for Old Mill Pond; nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, 1939, for Peace on Earth..

Animator, film director
Birth Details
August 31, 1903?
Pagosa Springs, Colorado, United States
Death Details
November 26, 1982
Chatsworth, California, United States

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