Ingrid Thulin Biography (1929-)

Born January 27, 1929, in Solleftea, Sweden; daughter of Adam and Nanna (Larsson) Thulin; married Claes Sylwander, 1951 (marriage ended); married Harry Schein, 1956.

Birth Details
January 27, 1929
Solleftea, Sweden

Famous Works

  • Marianne Borg, Wild Strawberries, Janus, 1956.
  • (As Ingrid Tulean) Brita, Foreign Intrigue, United Artists, 1956.
  • Manda Aman, The Magician (also known as The Face), Janus, 1957.
  • Cecilia Ellius, Nara livet (also known as Brink of Life and So Close to Life), Nordisk Tone Film, 1958.
  • Marguerite Laurier, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), 1962.
  • Mother, Agostino, Baltea, 1962.
  • Marta Lundberg, The Winter Light (also known as Nattvardsgaesterna), Svensk Filmindustri, 1963.
  • Ester, The Silence (also known as Tystnaden), Janus, 1964.
  • Dr. Michele Wolf, Return from the Ashes, United Artists, 1965.
  • Irene, Night Games, AVCO/Embassy, 1966.
  • Marianne, La Guerre est Finie (also known as Krigetar Slut and The War isOver), Brandon, 1967.
  • Veronica Volger, The Hour of the Wolf (also known as Varetimmen), SvenskFilmindustri, 1968.
  • Elisabeth Hermann, Fino a Farti Male (also known as Adelaide), Sigma, 1969.
  • Thea Winkelmann, Riten (also known as The Rite and The Ritual), Janus, 1970.
  • Wife, N.P. (also known as The Secret), Zeta-a-Elle, 1971.
  • Karin, Cries and Whispers (also known as Viskingar Och Rop), New World, 1972.
  • Helene, La Cage, Lira-UGE-Parma, 1975.
  • Miriam, Moses, AVCO/Embassy, 1977.
  • Elena, The Cassandra Crossing, AVCO/Embassy, 1977.
  • Rakel, After the Rehearsal, Triumph, 1984.
  • Il Giorno Prima (also known as The Day Before), Columbia Pictures Italia,1987.
  • Also appeared in Havets Son, 1941; Kann dej som Hemma, 1948; Dit VindarnaBar, 1948; Karleken segrar (also known as Love Will Conquer), 1949; HjarterKneki, 1950; Nar Karleken kim till Byn, 1950; Leva pa "Hoppet," 1951; Mote med Livet, 1952; Kalle Karlsson fran Jularbo, 1952; En Skargardsnatt, 1953; Goingehov dingen, 1953; Tva Skona Juveler, 1954; I Rok och Dans, 1954; Hoppsan!,1955; Danssalongen, 1955; Aldrig i livet, 1957; Donnaren, 1960; Sekstet (also known as Sextet), 1963; as Nadine Anderson, Die Lady (also known as Games of Desire and Frustration), 1964; Domani non siamo piu qui, 1967; as cook, Badarna (also known as I, a Virgin), 1968; Baroness Sophie von Essenbeck, La caduta degli dei (also known as The Damned), 1969; Un diablo bajo la Almohada, 1970; It Rained All Night the Day I Left, 1970; Maria, La Sainte Famille, 1970; as Inez Crona, En handful karelek (also known as A Handful of Love), 1973;as investigator, Monismanien 1995, 1975; in Il viaggio nella vertigini, 1975;title role, Madame Kitty (also known as Salon Kitty), 1976; Tania, Comincioil viaggio nella vertigini, 1976; in Agnes Will Die, 1977; Ylva, En och en (also known as One and One, 1978; Il Corsario, 1983; La Casa del Sorriso ("TheHouse of Smiles"), 1991; and Rabbit Face.
  • Credits; FILM DIRECTOR
  • (And writer) Brusten Himmel (also known as Broken Sky), Svenska Filminstitutet, c. 1982.
  • Also director of Haengivelse, 1965; (with Erland Josephson and Erland Nykvist) En och en (also known as One and One and Devotion).
  • Espionage, NBC, 1964.
  • Miriam, Moses--The Lawgiver (mini-series), CBS, 1975.
  • Anita Hoffman, Intermezzo (special), NBC, 1961.
  • Mrs. Havemeyer, Control (movie), HBO, 1987.
  • Also appeared as Indra's daughter in The Dream Play, 1970.
  • (Broadway debut) Inga, Of Love Remembered, American National Theatre andAcademy, New York City, 1967.
  • Made stage debut at Municipal Theatre, Norrkoping, Sweden; appeared in Gigi, Peer Gynt, Two for the Seesaw, Twelfth Night, and Miss Julie, all in Sweden.

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