Phyllida Law Biography (1932-)

Full name, Phyllida Ann Law; born May 8, 1932, in Glasgow, Scotland; daughterof William and Megsie Law; married Eric Norman Thompson (an actor and director), May, 1957 (died, December 1, 1982); children: Emma (an actress), Sophie(an actress).

Birth Details
May 8, 1932
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Jean, Otley, Columbia, 1968
  • Fraulein Manzialy, Hitler: The Last Ten Days (also known as Gliultimi 10 giorni di Hitler), Paramount, 1973
  • Julia, Tree of Hands (also known as Innocent Victim), Castle Hill Productions, 1989
  • Vera, Peter's Friends, Samuel Goldwyn, 1992
  • Ursula, Much Ado about Nothing, Samuel Goldwyn, 1993
  • Anne's mother, Before the Rain (also known as Pred dozhdot), Gramercy Pictures, 1994
  • (Uncredited) Dr. Talbot, Junior, Universal, 1994
  • Mrs. Bates, Emma, Miramax, 1996
  • Elspeth, The Winter Guest, Fine Line Features, 1997
  • Vronskaya, Anna Karenina (also known as Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" and Anne Karenine), Warner Bros., 1997
  • First woman at hairdresser's shop, I Want You (also known as Beloved), USA Films, 1998
  • The grandmother, L'amante perduto (also known as Lost Lover), 1999
  • Lady Drake, Mad Cows, Entertainment Film Distributors, 1999
  • Veronica, Milk, Arrow Releasing, 1999
  • Margaret Sutton, Saving Grace, Fine Line Features, 2000
  • Mrs. Watchett, The Time Machine, Warner Bros./DreamWorks, 2002
  • Mrs. Williams, I'll Be There, Warner Bros., 2003
  • Bella Black, Blinded, Guerilla Films, 2004
  • Faith, Two Men Went to a War, Indican Pictures, 2004
  • Mrs. Claus, Tooth, Redbus Film Distribution, 2004
  • Distinguished lady, Danny the Dog (also known as Unleashed), Rogue Pictures, 2005
  • Mrs. Coogan, Mee-Shee: The Water Giant (also known as Ogopogo and The Water Giant), ContentFilm, 2005
  • Esperanza di Mendoza, Day of Wrath, American World Pictures/ScreenMedia Ventures, 2006
  • Headmistress, A Little Trip to Heaven, A-Film Distribution, 2006
  • Mother Canisius, Copying Beethoven, Myriad Pictures, 2006
  • Sarah, Mia Sarah, Filmax International, 2006
  • Viscountess Cumbermere, Nanny McPhee, Universal, 2006
  • Some sources cite an appearance in Opium Royale.
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Presenter, Play School, BBC-2, beginning c. 1964
  • Mrs. Beauchamp, A Picture of Katherine Mansfield, BBC, 1973
  • Aunt Gwen, Come Back, Lucy, Associated Television, 1978
  • Mrs. Blandy, A Question of Guilt, BBC, beginning 1980
  • Aunt Lizzie, Fame Is the Spur, BBC, 1982
  • Mrs. Vesey Stanhope, The Barchester Chronicles, BBC, 1982, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS, 1984, and on Arts and Entertainment
  • Edith Makepeace, Hell's Bells, BBC, 1986
  • Lady Broughton, Ffizz, Independent Television (England), 1987-89
  • Multiple roles, Thompson, BBC, 1988, PBS, 1989
  • Babs, That's Love, Television South, 1988-92
  • Olivia Esholt, Chelworth, BBC, 1989
  • Edith Duglass, The House of Eliott, BBC and Arts and Entertainment, 1991-94
  • Margot, Degrees of Error, BBC, beginning 1995
  • Eve, Wonderful You, Independent Television, 1999
  • Marjorie Tollworth, Stig of the Dump (also known as Stig),BBC, 2002
  • Miniseries
  • Mademoiselle Vatnaz, Sentimental Education, BBC, 1970
  • Marjorie Phelps, "The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club," Lord PeterWimsey (also known as Lord Peter Wimsey: Unpleasantness at the BellonaClub), BBC and PBS, 1973
  • Madame Annette de Lancel, Till We Meet Again (also known as Judith Krantz's "Till We Meet Again"), CBS, 1989
  • Lady Margaret, The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns (also known as Leprechauns and Kampf der Kobolde), NBC, 1999
  • Rose Trenchard, The Swap, Independent Television (England), 2002
  • Movies
  • The Poisoned Earth, Associated Television, 1961
  • Mrs. Timpson, All or Nothing at All, London Weekend Television, 1993
  • Maria, Brush with Fate, CBS, 2003
  • Lady Lucia Pinochet, Pinochet in Suburbia, BBC-2 and HBO, 2006
  • Specials
  • The wife, "Evelyn," Play for Today (also known as Play for Today: Evelyn), BBC, 1971
  • "Buffet," Play for Today (also known as Play for Today: Buffet), BBC, 1976
  • Lady Faulconbridge, The Life and Death of King John (also known asThe BBC Television Shakespeare, The Complete Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare: The Life and Death of King John, and King John),BBC-2, 1984
  • Marie's mother, The Blue Boy, BBC, 1994, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS, 1994
  • How Proust Can Change Your Life, [Great Britain], 2000
  • Herself, The 100 Greatest Kids TV Shows, Channel 4 (England), 2001
  • Episodic
  • Rosie McCallion, "Green Wedding," Dixon of Dock Green, BBC, 1963
  • Sergeant Ruth Beckett, "Within the Law," Dixon of Dock Green, BBC,1965
  • Mary Fielding, "Women and Business Never Did Mix," The Troubleshooters (also known as Mogul), BBC, 1967
  • Miss Cummins, "The Princess," The Jazz Age, BBC, 1968
  • Laura Rankin, "The Singing Sands," Detective, BBC, 1969
  • Mrs. Tetley, "Good Morning, Yesterday!," Menace, BBC, 1970
  • Winifred Holland, "Golden Island," Fraud Squad, Associated Television, 1970
  • Louise Maitland-Douglas, "The Condemned," Sutherland's Law, BBC, 1974
  • Lady Constance Weir, "The Hero's Farewell," Upstairs, Downstairs,London Weekend Television, 1974, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS, 1976
  • Ann Kingsley, "First Impressions," Angels, BBC, 1978
  • Ann Kingsley, "Fraternity," Angels, BBC, 1978
  • Mrs. Thripp, "Rumpole and the Married Lady," Rumpole of the Bailey(also
  • known as Rumpole of the Bailey, Series I), Independent Television(England), broadcast on Mystery!, PBS, c. 1980
  • Mrs. Lucas, "Holy Wars," Agony, London Weekend Television, 1981
  • Maggie Patton, "A Sad Loss," Tales of the Unexpected (also known as Roald Dahl's "Tales of the Unexpected"), Anglia Television and syndicated, 1983
  • Jessica Truscott, "Fingers," C.A.T.S. Eyes, Independent Television, 1985
  • Honoria Bird, "Rumpole and the Blind Tasting," Rumpole of the Bailey (also known as Rumpole of the Bailey, Series IV), Independent Television, 1987, broadcast on Mystery!, PBS, c. 1988
  • Lady Ann, "Gracie," About Face, Independent Television, 1989
  • Lady Carrington, "Incredible Theft," Poirot (also known as Agatha Christie's "Poirot" and Poirot, Series One), Independent Television, 1989, broadcast on Mystery!, PBS, c. 1990, and on Arts and Entertainment
  • Joan Mathieson, "Forbidden Fruit," Taggart, Independent Television, 1994
  • Magistrate, "Bring Me the Head of Arthur Daley," Minder, Independent Television, 1994
  • Nancy Bellow, "Witch Hunt," Heartbeat, Independent Television, 1994
  • Vicky Jeffreys, "A Pillar of the Community," Hamish Macbeth, BBC,1995
  • Herself, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, BBC, 1995
  • Mrs. Ferris, "Impasse," Paul Merton in Galton and Simpson's ... ,Independent Television, 1996
  • Guest, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, syndicated, 1997
  • Elaine Porter, "Angel," Dangerfield, BBC, 1998
  • Felicity Dinsdale, "Blood Will Out," Midsomer Murders, IndependentTelevision and Arts and Entertainment, 1999
  • Isobel Marchmont, "Laurels Are Poison," The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries, BBC and BBC America, 2000
  • Professor Isobel Hogg, Monarch of the Glen, BBC Scotland, 2000, BBC America, 2001
  • Jean, "Preserves," Table 12, BBC, 2001
  • May Beauchamp, "Orpheus in the Undergrowth," Rosemary & Thyme,Independent Television, 2004
  • Mrs. Carstairs, "The Hardest Word," Waking the Dead, BBC, 2004
  • (In archive footage) Herself, This Morning (also known as ThisMorning with Richard and Judy), Independent Television, 2004
  • Irene Moser, "The 7:59 Club," Afterlife, Independent Television, 2005
  • Stage Appearances
  • Major Barbara, Bristol Old Vic Company, 1956
  • Red Roses for Me, 1962
  • A Voyage 'round My Father, Haymarket Theatre, London, 1971
  • Habeus Corpus, Haymarket Theatre, 1973
  • Dotty, Noises Off, Savoy Theatre, London, c. 1983
  • La Cage aux Folles (musical), London Palladium, c. 1986
  • Elspeth, The Winter Guest, 1995
  • The Tuesday Group, King's College, London (University of London),Franklin-Wilkins Building, c. 2003
  • Appeared in The Merry Wives of Windsor, London production. Appeared in other productions, including performances at the Old Vic, London.
  • Stage Work
  • Director, The Duchess of Malfi, National Theatre, King's Theatre,Edinburgh, Scotland, 2003
  • Audiobooks
  • Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway, Chivers, 2001
  • Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse, Chivers, 2001
  • Nonfiction
  • (Illustrator) Kenneth Branagh, Beginning, Chatto & Windus, 1989, American edition, St. Martin's Press, 1991

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