John Huston Biography (1906-1987)

Born August 5, 1906, in Nevada, MO; died August 28, 1987, shortly after hospital treatment for pneumonia brought on by emphysema. Director, writer, and actor John Huston numbered several classics among the many films to his credit.He had already gained acclaim as a screenwriter for Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet, High Sierra, Sergeant York, and other films when his 1941 directorial debut, The Maltese Falcon, earned both box office success and critical praise. One of the traits that most impressed viewers throughout Huston's career was his desire to present authentic detail in his films; this led him, for example, to be among the first directors to move a production away from the studio lot, as when he filmed much of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre in Mexico in 1948. His handling of actors was likwise lauded. In The African Queen, 1951, he successfully matched the disparate styles of Humphrey Bogart and KatharineHepburn to create one of the most popular films of all time; moreover, he directed both his father, Walter Huston, and his daughter Anjelica Huston in Academy Award-winning performances. Huston's own acting abilities drew good notices as well; in addition to incidental appearances in a number of films, he had prominent roles in The Cardinal and Chinatown, earning a 1963 Academy Award nomination as best supporting actor for the former. This was one of fourteen nominations that he received in various categories from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences over the years. Along with his other professional citations and honors, he was presented with the American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Award in 1983. Despite persistent health problems, Hustonremained professionally active into his eighties. Although some of his laterfilms, such as Wise Blood and Under the Volcano, drew support from the critics but not from the mass audience, the 1985 release of Prizzi's Honor saw himregain his hold on the box office. His last film, The Dead, based on a shortstory by James Joyce, was released in late 1987.

director, writer, actor
Birth Details
August 5, 1906
Nevada, Missouri, United States
Death Details
August 28, 1987
Middletown, Rhode Island, United States

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