Matthew Lawrence Biography (1980-)

Full name, Matthew William Lawrence; born February 11, 1980, in Abington, PA;son of Joseph, Sr. (an insurance broker) and Donna (a personal manager) Lawrence; brother of Joey Lawrence (an actor and singer) and Andrew Lawrence (anactor). Addresses: Agent: Innovative Artists, 1505 10th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401.; Manager: Kass & Stokes Management, 9229 Sunset Blvd., Suite 504, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Birth Details
February 11, 1980
Abington, Pennsylvania, United States

Famous Works

  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Danny Carrington, Dynasty, ABC, 1984-85
  • Jesse Webber, Sara, NBC, 1985
  • Matthew Donovan, Gimme a Break!, NBC, 1986-87
  • Walker, Drexell's Class (also known as Oh No, Not Drexell and Shut Up, Kids), Fox, 1991-92
  • Zack Collins at the age of eleven, Walter & Emily, NBC, 1991-92
  • Sam "Servo" Collins, SuperHuman Samurai Syber-Squad (animated; also known as SSSS and Superhuman Samurai), syndicated, 1994-95
  • Ryan, Bringing Up Jack, ABC, 1995
  • Matt Roman, Brotherly Love, NBC, 1995-97
  • Miniseries
  • Himself, The 100 Greatest Family Films, Channel 4 (England), 2005
  • Movies
  • David Rothenberg (title role), David, ABC, 1988
  • Joshua, Joshua's Heart, NBC, 1990
  • Sam Watson, Daddy (also known as Danielle Steel's "Daddy"),NBC, 1991
  • Timmy Sanford, The Summer My Father Grew Up, NBC, 1991
  • Phillip, With a Vengeance (also known as Undesirable), CBS,1992
  • Jesse Harper, "Angels in the Endzone" (also known as "Angels in the Outfield 2"), The Wonderful World of Disney, ABC, 1997
  • (Uncredited) Cowboy at airport, Horse Sense, The Disney Channel, 1999
  • Dave Heinrich, "H-E Double Hockey Sticks," The Wonderful World of Disney, ABC, 1999
  • Jake Hunter, Jumping Ship, The Disney Channel, 2001
  • Specials
  • Matt, "Don't Touch," ABC Afterschool Specials, ABC, 1985
  • Andy Williams and the NBC Kids Search for Santa, NBC, 1985
  • Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, NBC, 1986, 1994, 1996
  • Kenny, "Gwendolyn," NBC Presents the AFI Comedy Special (also known as The AFI Comedy Special and The American Film Institute ComedySpecial), NBC, 1987
  • Andy Williams and the NBC Kids: Easter in Rome, NBC, 1987
  • Star-athon '92: A Weekend with the Stars, syndicated, 1992
  • The 69th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, NBC, 1995
  • Awards Presentations
  • Presenter, Seventh Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (also known asNickelodeon's "Seventh Annual Kids' Choice Awards"), Nickelodeon, 1994
  • Episodic
  • Joey at the age of eleven, "Thanks for the Memorex," Blossom, NBC,1991
  • Young Joey, "This Old House," Blossom, NBC, 1991
  • Young Joey, "Night of Reckoning," Blossom, NBC, 1994
  • Guest, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, syndicated, 1996, 1997, 1999
  • Jack Hunter (some sources cite Jack Newman), "And Then There Was Shawn,"Boy Meets World, ABC, 1998
  • Jack Hunter (some sources cite Jack Newman), "The Eskimo," Boy Meets World, ABC, 1998
  • Jack Hunter (some sources cite Jack Newman), "First Girlfriends' Club," Boy Meets World, ABC, 1998
  • Jack Hunter (some sources cite Jack Newman), "Brave New World: Part 2," Boy Meets World, ABC, 2000
  • Chuck Shaw, "Hard Time," CSI: Miami, CBS, 2003
  • Billy Deegan, "Chapter Eighty," Boston Public, Fox, 2005
  • Appeared in "Joey Lawrence," Celebrity Profile (also known as E! Celebrity Profile), E! Entertainment Television.
  • Pilots
  • Dion Minetti, The High Life, ABC, 1990
  • Matt Roman, Brotherly Love, NBC, 1995
  • Ryan, Bringing Up Jack, ABC, 1995
  • Aaron Frye, Brothers of the Frontier, ABC, 1996
  • Other
  • Mike, Girl Band, c. 2000
  • Film Appearances
  • Little Neal Page, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Paramount, 1987
  • Stevie, Pulse, Columbia, 1988
  • English voice of Tombo, Majo no takkyubin (animated; also known asKiki's Delivery Service and The Witch's Express Mail), Toei Co., 1989
  • Timmy, "Wraparound Story," Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, Paramount, 1990
  • Christopher "Chris" Hillard, Mrs. Doubtfire, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1993
  • Voice of Rusty the dog, Rusty: A Dog's Tale (also known as Rusty: The Great Rescue), 1997
  • Dennis, Strike! (also known as All I Wanna Do, The HairyBird, College femminile, and Les filles font la loi), Miramax, 1998
  • Frank Stein, Big Monster on Campus (also known as Boltneckand Teen Monster), Pioneer Entertainment/Regent Entertainment, 2000
  • Jeremy, Glow, Two Wishes Productions, 2000
  • Mark Musser, Family Tree, Independent Artists, 2000
  • Billy, The Hot Chick, Buena Vista, 2002
  • Victor Barone, Cheats (also known as Chea+ers), DestinationFilms/New Line Cinema, 2002
  • Garret, Mary Worth (also known as The Legend of Mary Worth), Arcadian Films/Catchlight Films/Idle Hand Productions, 2006
  • Lance, Hunter's Moon, Stouffer Entertainment, 2006
  • Some sources cite an appearance in National Lampoon Clubhouse Trick orTreat (also known as National Lampoon's "Clubhouse Trick or Treat" and Trick or Treat), Majestic Entertainment, c. 2006.

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