Tom Courtenay Biography (1937-)

Full name, Thomas Daniel Courtenay; born February 25, 1937, in Hull, Yorkshire, England; son of Thomas Henry (a boat painter) and Anne Eliza (maiden name,Quest) Courtenay; married Cheryl Kennedy (an actress), November 12, 1973 (divorced); married Isabel. Addresses: Manager: Prism Management, Los Angeles, CA.

Birth Details
February 25, 1937
Hull, Yorkshire, England

Famous Works

  • Stage Appearances
  • (Stage debut) Konstantin Treplyef, The Seagull, Old Vic Theatre Company, Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1960
  • (London debut) Konstantin Treplyef, The Seagull, Old Vic Theatre,1960
  • Poins, Henry V, Part I, Old Vic Theatre, 1961
  • Feste, Twelfth Night, Old Vic Theatre, 1961
  • Billy Fisher, Billy Liar, Cambridge Theatre, London, 1961
  • Andri, Andorra, National Theatre Company, Old Vic Theatre, 1964
  • Trofimov, The Cherry Orchard, Chichester Festival, Chichester, England, 1966
  • Malcolm, Macbeth, Chichester Festival, 1966
  • Lord Fancourt Babberly, Charley's Aunt, 69 Theatre Company, Manchester, England, 1966
  • Playboy of the Western World, Manchester, England, 1967
  • Young Marlow, She Stoops to Conquer, Garrick Theatre, London, 1969
  • Hamlet, Garrick Theatre, 1969
  • Peer Gynt, University Theatre, Manchester, England, 1970
  • Lord Fancourt Babberly, Charley's Aunt, Apollo Theatre, London, 1971
  • Leonard, Time and Time Again, Comedy Theatre, London, 1972
  • Captain Bluntschli, Arms and the Man, Manchester, England, 1973
  • Norman, The Norman Conquests, Greenwich Theatre, 1974 , then GlobeTheatre, London, 1975
  • John Clare, The Fool, Royal Court Theatre, Manchester, England, 1975
  • The Prince of Homburg, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, England, 1976
  • Faulkland, The Rivals, Royal Exchange Theatre, 1976
  • (Broadway debut) Simon, Otherwise Engaged, Plymouth Theatre, 1977. Raskolnikov, Crime and Punishment, Royal Exchange Theatre, 1978
  • Owen, Clouds, Duke of York's Theatre, London, 1978
  • Norman, The Dresser, Royal Exchange Theatre, then Queen's Theatre, London, both 1980 , later Brooks Atkinson Theatre, New York City, 1981
  • The Misanthrope, Royal Exchange Theatre, London, 1981
  • Uncle Vanya, Circle in the Square Theater, New York City, 1995
  • Also appeared in Table Manners, 1974; Andy Capp, 1983; Jumpers, 1984; Otherwise Engaged; Twelfth Night, Royal Exchange Theatre.
  • Film Appearances
  • (Film debut) Colin Smith, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (also known as Rebel With a Cause), Continental, 1963
  • Billy Fisher, Billy Liar, Continental, 1963
  • Title role, Private Potter, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1963
  • Private Arthur Hamp, King and Country, Allied Artists, 1965
  • Pasha Strelnikoff, Doctor Zhivago, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1965
  • Lieutenant Grey, King Rat, Columbia, 1965
  • Robert Hemshaw, Operation Crossbow (also known as Code Name: Operation Crossbow and The Great Spy Mission), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer,1965
  • Navigator, The Day the Fish Came Out (also known as Otan ta psaria vgikan sti steria), International Classics, 1967
  • Corporal Hartmann, The Night of the Generals (also known as LaNuit des generaux), Columbia, 1967
  • Gatiss, A Dandy in Aspic, Columbia, 1968
  • Gerald Arthur Otley (title role), Otley, Columbia, 1969
  • Baxter Clarke, Catch Me a Spy (also known as To Catch a Spyand Les Doigts croises), Rank, 1971
  • Title role, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (also known asEn dag i Ivan Denisovitsj'liv), Cinerama, 1971
  • Keep Your Fingers Crossed, 1971
  • Norman, The Dresser, Columbia, 1983
  • Frayn, Leonard Part 6, 1987
  • Jewelry store manager, Happy New Year, 1987
  • Antoine Moreau, Posledni motyl (also known as Le Cri du papillon, Le Dernier papillon, and The Last Butterfly), 1990
  • William Bentley, Let Him Have It, 1991
  • Uncle Tony Cronin, The Boy from Mercury, Blue Dolphin, 1996
  • Harold Smith, Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?, USA Films,1999
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Appeared as Dobley, The Lads.
  • Movies
  • Father Tark Brian, I Heard the Owl Call My Name, CBS, 1973
  • Jesus of Nazareth, 1977
  • Me and the Girls (also known as Star Quality: Me and the Girls), 1985
  • Colin, Absent Friends, 1985
  • Bronislaw Malinowski, Young Indiana Jones and the Treasure of the Peacock's Eye, 1995
  • Roy Southgate, A Rather English Marriage, 1998
  • Miniseries
  • Daniel Quilp, The Old Curiosity Shop, 1994
  • Specials
  • Ghosts, 1967
  • Also appeared as title role, Private Potter.

Further Reference


    • The Guardian, April 30, 1997, p. T12.

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