Theo Angelopoulos Biography (1936-)

Born April 27, 1936 (some sources say April 17, 1935, or 1939), in Athens, Greece; son of Spyridon and Katerina (Krassaki) Angelopoulos; married Phoebe Economopoulou, 1980; children: three daughters. Politics: Leftist. Career: Director, producer, writer, and actor. Demokratiki Allaghi(newspaper), Greece, journalist and critic, 1965. Awards, Honors: Best Foreign Film Award, Hyeres Film Festival, George Sadoul Award, and five awards, Thessaloniki Film Festival, all 1970, for Reconstruction; award fromthe International Federation of the Cinematographic Press, 1973, for Daysof 36; Critics Prize, Cannes International Film Festival, 1975, for The Travelling Players; Golden Hugo Award, Chicago Film Festival, 1978, for The Huntsmen; three awards, Venice Film Festival, 1980, for Alexander the Great; awards for best screenplay (with T. Valtinos and Tonino Guerra), Cannes International Film Festival and International Federation of the Cinematographic Press, both 1984, for Journey to Cythera; Silver Lion Award and OCIC Award, Venice Film Festival, 1988, European Felix Award forbest picture, 1989, and two awards, Chicago Film Festival, all for Landscape in the Mist; Grand Jury Prize, Cannes International Film Festival, 1995, for Ulysses' Gaze; Golden Palm Award, Cannes International Film Festival, 1998, for Mia eoniotita ke mia mera; other honors include awards from the British Film Institute and the Figueira da Foz Film Festival; named a chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, France; retrospective of work held atthe Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. Addresses: Office: 18 Solomon St., 106 82 Athens, Greece.

Director, producer, writer, actor
Birth Details
April 27, 1936
Athens, Greece

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