Zsa Zsa Gabor Biography (1919-)

Original name, Sari Gabor; born February 6, 1919, in Budapest, Hungary; daughter of Vilmos and Jolie (a manager) Gabor; sister of Eva Gabor (an actress and entrepreneur) and Magda Gabor (an actress and jewelry designer); married Burhan Belge (a Turkish diplomat), 1940 (marriage ended, 1941); married ConradHilton (a hotel owner), 1942 (divorced, 1948); married George Sanders (an actor), 1949 (marriage ended, 1954); married Herbert Hutmer (an investor), 1964(divorced, 1966); married Joshua Cosden Jr., 1966 (divorced, 1967); married Jack Ryan (an inventor), 1975 (divorced, 1976); married Michael O'Hara (a lawyer), 1977 (divorced, 1982); married Felipe De Alba, 1982 (marriage not legal,ended after one day, 1982); married Prince Frederick Von Anhalt (the Duke ofSaxony), August 14, 1986 (separated, 1998); children: (second marriage) Francesca Hilton (an actress). Addresses: Agent--Abrams, Rubaloff, and Lawrence, 8075 West Third St., Suite 303, Los Angeles, CA 90048.

Birth Details
February 6, 1919
Budapest, Hungary

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