Stephen Friedman Biography (1937-1996)

Born March 15, 1937, in Brooklyn, NY; died of cancer, October 4, 1996, in Brentwood, CA. Producer, writer, and attorney. Friedman carved out a niche for himself on the Hollywood scene and produced some successful films. Educated atthe University of Pennsylvania and earning a degree from Harvard Law School,Friedman came to Hollywood as a motion picture lawyer for Paramount, Columbia, and the Ashley Famous talent agency. But he had his sights set on becominga movie producer and began that journey by buying the rights to the novel The Last Picture Show. With the profits from that 1971 hit movie, he founded Kings Road Entertainment. He went on to produce and distribute Slap Shot, the 1977 cult hockey comedy starring Paul Newman, and other comedies such as Little Darlings (1980), and Fast Break (1979). Some of Friedman's later movies garnered critical praise, such as the 1984 comedy All of Me, starring Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin, and the 1985 adventure-drama Enemy Mine, starring DennisQuaid and Lou Gossett, Jr.

producer, writer, attorney
Birth Details
March 15, 1937
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Death Details
October 4, 1996
Brentwood, California, United States

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