Richard Maibaum Biography (1909-4(?))

Born May 26, 1909, in New York, NY; died of heart failure, January 4, 1991, in Santa Monica, CA; son of Jerome (an electrical engineer) and Claire (Friedman) Maibaum; married Sylvia Kamion (a teacher and musician), 1935; children:Matthew, Paul.

Birth Details
May 26, 1909
New York, New York, United States
Death Details
January 4, 1991
Santa Monica, California, United States

Famous Works

  • Credits; Film Work; Producer
  • O.S.S., Paramount, 1946.
  • The Sainted Sisters, Paramount, 1948.
  • The Big Clock, Paramount, 1948.
  • Song of Surrender, Paramount, 1949.
  • The Great Gatsby, Paramount, 1949.
  • Dear Wife, Paramount, 1949.
  • Bride of Vengeance, Paramount, 1949.
  • No Man of Her Own, Paramount, 1950.
  • Captain Carey, U.S.A. (also known as After Midnight), Paramount, 1950.
  • The Battle at Bloody Beach, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1961.
  • Credits; Television Work; Producer
  • Jarrett (movie), NBC, 1973.
  • Credits; Stage Appearances
  • Performed with the New York Shakespearean Repertory Company, New York City, 1933.
  • Writings;Screenplays
  • (With Maurice Rapf) We Went to College (also known as The Old School Tie), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), 1936.
  • (With Cyril Hume and Maurice Rapf) They Gave Him a Gun, MGM, 1937.
  • (With Charles Brackett and Cyril Hume) Live, Love and Learn, MGM, 1937.
  • (With Leonard Praskins) Stablemates, MGM, 1938.
  • (With Cyril Hume) The Bad Man of Brimstone, MGM, 1938.
  • (With Gertrude Purcell) The Lady and the Mob, Columbia, 1939.
  • (With Albert Duffy and Harry Segall) Coast Guard, Columbia, 1939.
  • (With Dwight Taylor and Sy Bartlett) The Amazing Mr. Williams, Columbia,1939.
  • (With Cyril Hume and Edward E. Paramore) 20 Mule Team, MGM, 1940.
  • (With Harry Ruskin) The Ghost Comes Home, MGM, 1940.
  • (With Beirne Lay, Jr. and Sig Herzi) I Wanted Wings, Paramount, 1941.
  • (With George Seaton) Ten Gentlemen from West Point, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1942.
  • O.S.S., Paramount, 1946.
  • Song of Surrender, Paramount, 1949.
  • (With Cyril Hume) The Great Gatsby, Paramount, 1949.
  • (With Frank S. Nugent and Sy Bartlett) Paratrooper (also known as The RedBeret), Columbia, 1954.
  • (With Alec Coppel and Max Trell) Hell below Zero, Columbia, 1954.
  • (With Bryan Forbes) The Cockleshell Heroes, Columbia, 1955.
  • Zarak, Columbia, 1956.
  • (With Cyril Hume) Ransom, MGM, 1956.
  • (With Cyril Hume) Bigger than Life, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1956.
  • (With Terence Young) No Time to Die, Columbia, 1958.
  • (With John Gilling and David Shaw) The Man Inside, Columbia, 1958.
  • (With John Gilling, Earl Felton, and Cyril Hume) Killers of Kilimanjaro,Columbia, 1960.
  • (With Howard Clewes) The Day They Robbed the Bank of England, MGM, 1960.
  • (With Willard Willingham) The Battle at Bloody Beach (based on a story byMaibaum), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1961.
  • (With Johanna Harwood and Berkely Mather) Dr. No, United Artists (UA), 1962.
  • (With Johanna Harwood) From Russia with Love, UA, 1963.
  • (With Paul Dehn) Goldfinger, UA, 1964.
  • (With John Hopkins) Thunderball, UA, 1965.
  • (With Roald Dahl and Ken Hughes) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, UA, 1968.
  • (With Simon Raven) On Her Majesty's Secret Service, UA, 1969.
  • (With Tom Mankiewicz) Diamonds Are Forever, UA, 1971.
  • (With Tom Mankiewicz) The Man with the Golden Gun, UA, 1974.
  • (With Christopher Wood) The Spy Who Loved Me, UA, 1977.
  • (With Michael G. Wilson) For Your Eyes Only, MGM/UA, 1981.
  • (With Michael G. Wilson and George MacDonald Fraser) Octopussy, MGM/UA, 1983.
  • (With Michael G. Wilson) A View to a Kill, MGM/UA, 1985.
  • (With Michael G. Wilson) The Living Daylights, MGM/UA, 1987.
  • (With Michael G. Wilson) Licence to Kill, MGM/UA, 1989.
  • Also wrote (with Terence Young) Tank Force, 1958.
  • Writings; Stage Plays
  • Wrote The Tree, New York City, 1932; Birthright, New York City, 1933; Addie Sails Away, 1934; Tirade, 1934; (with Michael Wallace and George Haight) Sweet Mystery of Life, New York City, 1935;A Moral Entertainment, 1936; (withHarry Clork) See My Lawyer, New York City, 1939; Middletown Mural, 1941; TheParadise Question, 1954; Ransom, 1963.
  • Writings; Television Movies
  • (With Cyril Hume) "Fearful Decision," U.S. Steel Hour, 1955.
  • Jarrett, NBC, 1973.
  • Also wrote S*H*E, 1980.
  • Writings; Other Writings
  • Author of story adapted into film, The Bandit of Zhobe, released by Columbia, 1959; contributor to periodicals such as Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and Playboy.
  • Other Works
  • Adaptations: Sweet Mystery of Life was adapted by Warren Duff for the film, Gold Diggers of 1937, released by Warner Bros., 1936; See My Lawyer was adapted into film, released by Universal, 1945.

Further Reference


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