Sam Locke Biography (1917-1998)

See index for CTFT sketch: Born 1917, in Peabody, MA; died September 18, 1998. Playwright, screenwriter, and author. Sam Locke was best known for his screenplays for popular TV shows like The Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, or McHale's Navy. Locke received a degree from City College in New York. During service in the Army, he wrote screenplays for training films and worked on documentaries. Locke wrote radio scripts for programs like Grand Central Station and Inner Sanctum. In 1955, Locke co-authored the play Woman With Red Hair which played for over 30 years in locations around the world. While Locke preferred writing for the stage, only one of his plays ever made it to Broadway (Fair Game), which was later unsuccessfully attempted as a movie. Locke had much better luck writing for television, even though the medium was a letdown personally. Locke wrote fiction and nonfiction that was published in the Saturday Evening Post, True, and Esquire. In the early 1980s Locke wrote the humorousadvice book How to Survive Your Doctor's Care.

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Peabody, Massachusetts, United States

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