Lyle Talbot Biography (1902-1996)

Born Lysle Hollywood Henderson, on February 8, 1902 (some sources say 1904),in Pittsburgh, PA; died March 3, 1996, in San Francisco, CA. Actor and director. Talbot enjoyed a long and prolific career as an actor, beginning his showbusiness days as a magician's assistant and later as a magician who toured the country in traveling tent shows. In his late twenties, he founded the Nashville-based Lyle Talbot Players and performed in and directed repertory theater productions. He eventually found his way to Hollywood and had a role in 1932's Love Is a Racket. Numerous films followed, including Three on a Match, 20,000 Years in Sing Sing, Murder Is My Business, Joe Palooka in Winner Take All, and No More Orchids. In his early career, he was cast as a leading man and worked with leading ladies such as Barbara Stanwyck and Loretta Young. Oneof the founding members of the Screen Actors Guild union in 1935, he saw someresentment from studios who began casting him in smaller roles. He found success on television in series such as Love That Bob, The Danny Thomas Show, and The Lucy Show. He is best remembered for his eleven-year stint as Joe Randolph, the Nelson's neighbor, in The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. He laterappeared on Who's the Boss and Newhart. Talbot continued to work in the theater, performing in shows such as The Odd Couple, Camelot, and The Front Page.He is known to cult cinema fans for appearing in Plan 9 from Outer Space, directed by Ed Wood and starring Bela Lugosi, which was awarded the Golden Turkey Award for being "the worst film ever made." In all, Talbot completed work in more than 150 films, including several documentaries filmed by his son Stephen Talbot.

actor, director
Birth Details
February 8, 1902
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Death Details
March 3, 1996
San Francisco, California, United States

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